Saturday, January 8, 2011

How to Spoil a Woman

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Yes, The Husband gets a little grief here, now and then. But, don't think for a moment that I don't recognize and appreciate my good fortune. I know full well that he spoils me rotten. I am a very fortunate woman. Let me tell you about one of the ways he pampers me.

For far too many weeks (since late September last year), I spent more time in bed than is normal for me. That time in bed wasn't restful. It was only to minimize the throbbing in back and legs, and there was many a sleepless night. Recently, I am doing much, much better. But, when my back first got really bad, The Husband began reading to me to help us both fall asleep. Although the reading certainly doesn't stop the aching, it is a most healthy distraction from the fears enlivened by the lingering pain. 

We began this habit of reading to one another, before we were married. Back then, we read several books this way—trading chapters reading to one another. These days, The Husband does all the work. I sink down to snuggle beneath the covers and close my eyes, while he does a superb job of bringing the story to life. The day fades away as he reads,  and the pain loses ground to the unfolding story. Soon, I am lost in the make-believe world.

Currently, he is reading The Secret Garden, a book I fondly remember from my childhood. Because I have long forgotten the details of the story, Mary Lennox's adventure is brand new for me. I doubt that I was any more enchanted by the book back then than I am now. It's a  pleasant way to fall asleep—whisked away from my own doubts and fears into a magical world—far from harsh realities.

Now, that is how to spoil a woman.


  1. You are one lucky woman!!! Here's to a pain-free 2011!

  2. Occasionally, I attempt to convince myself that I deserve the pampering, but it's no good trying. As you said, I am "one lucky woman".

  3. Isn't that funny. Guess we really were on the same wavelength. Lol. :) it's a good one to be on, too, isn't. We are blessed.

  4. Mary Ann - I visited you a few minutes after putting this up this and got a special kick out of your post for today. We are lucky ladies. By the way, your photo has mine beat all to heck.

  5. Wow! Kudos to The Husband. I love it! More folks should do that.

  6. Paul - It is quite a lovely way to spend quality time together. We enjoy it. Yep, The Husband is a keeper.

  7. Husband seems to make points on a regular basis and that is good. As I've heard said, "He's a keeper!" I think that is a great way to spend time together as a couple. I am also impressed you have done if for so many years. I do hope you get to feeling better with your sleep.

  8. Monte - You're right about those accumulated points. It's just as well, because sometimes he needs 'em! ;) There have been long breaks when we didn't "get around to it" (reading to one another), but it is a recurring theme.

    And, thank you, yes I am getting much better.


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