Thursday, January 24, 2008


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I really should deal with a couple more piles of stuff and finish some boxes I am working on. Instead, I took a break to revisit a shot from last fall.
This weekend is a sort-of deadline for wrapping up and getting some pictures for the realtor. What can I say? I offered, she accepted. At least this way, we can cheat just a little. Meaning, we can shove something aside for a shot; then, if we need to, we can put it back for a couple of days before anyone actually comes to look. Not exactly the type of photography I am longing for, but at least I will have a camera in my hands, and I won't be facing a cardboard box.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Bird in the Bush

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Yesterday afternoon, I took a short break from packing to enjoy the clouds and grabbed the G7, on the way. As I headed back inside, the movement of this bird caught my eye and I snapped. I didn't get a second try. A cyan filter seemed appropriate for this one.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Going Downhill

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Going downhill describes my energy level, now; but, my level of anticipation has begun to build. I am spending more time thinking about living "out in the country"—something I have never done.
Meanwhile, we lurch through these cycles during which our current house is less cluttered and quite encouraging, then a horrific mess. One day I finish clearing an area, but before I have time to fully enjoy it, I pull stuff out of a closet or from behind a piece of furniture, to resume the sorting and packing. Oops, no longer inviting , no longer encouraging. This weekend, we are in the "horrific mess" stage. Jim litters outside. He is in the process of building and painting, as he completes repairs on the deck and fence. I wreak havoc indoors.
The photo, above, was taken near South Fork, Colorado.