Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tools for Matting and Framing

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A part of my recent framing frenzy has been the discovery of a few tools that I had never worked with before. This doesn't mean the tools are new, of course, only new to me.  Fortunately, those tools have made matting and framing a much less onerous task.

I doubt that I am in the minority among photographers when I say that almost any aspect of photography is more enjoyable than matting the print and getting it in a clean and dust-free frame. Lately, I have found enormous satisfaction in the final product and that satisfaction powers me through the mundane tasks required to produce the framed piece. Clearly, if money were no object, I would turn this job over to a professional. Now, back to real life.

At the risk of beginning to sound like an infomercial, I am particularly enjoying using some of the items I purchase from Frame Destination. For example, I had never used a print weight. Now, I am a major fan. 

My other favorite inexpensive, yet indispensable, item is their hanging hardware. When I buy one of their complete framing kits (frame, backing, and mat) the hanging hardware is included. But, for frames that I have on hand, I no longer skimp. I spring for the extra buck (or a whopping buck-fifty for the hardware needed for larger frames). I am completely spoiled now. Love that plastic-wrapped wire. Having spent some time using the budget-model hardware store wire, I appreciate the difference. My fingers are worth it.

Finally, I like the Lineco linen hinging tape. I can't imagine myself ever getting the formula just right for the water activated tapes, but the self-adhesive one is easy to work with. Occasionally, I have trouble getting my nail under the edge of that backing; but, more often than not it is only a minor hassle.

The fact that I have yet to find a mat from this company that isn't pristine, with perfectly precise corners explains most of my enthusiasm for this company. I don't know about anyone else, but sloppily cut mats are a major turnoff for me. While viewing an artist's work recently, I couldn't help but be amazed that the man had his work displayed in a major venue; yet the mats were tacky. I didn't spot a single clean cut. Picky on my part, I suppose, but we all have our tolerance for compromise.

I don't expect that I will ever eagerly anticipate a session of matting and framing; but the task is far less a dreaded one these days. Now if this company could just come up with a piece of glass that repels dust.... Oh well, I can dream, can't I?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Home Again

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The Husband is home, safe and sound. I am smiling again. He sends his best to all who wished a speedy recovery. I assume chicken soup is appropriate for any period of recuperation. Right?