Favorite Places for Photography

My most favorite of all places is outside my windows and an area within a 100 mile radius of our home in the mountains of Kern County, California.
  • I love roaming our place and trails just off our property
  • All of our little valley and the ridges that surround it
  • The road to Bodfish and Caliente Creek Road
  • Highway 58 to Bakersfield
  • Kernville and anywhere along the River Kern

All these riches close by don’t stop me from occasionally craving some different scenery. Although health issues have prevented my traveling as much as I would have liked to, I do have some places I hope to see again soon. I especially look forward to returning to: 
  •  Silent Knight Farms (some of the scenery, but by far the real draw is the beautiful horses)
  •   The Eastern Sierra Nevadas
  •   Bodie
  •   Death Valley and Ballarat on the way there
  •   Northern Arizona
  •  Southern Colorado

My travel "wish list" for the immediate future (in no particular order of preference) consists of:

  •  Southern Arizona (in the winter, only)
  •  Texas Hill Country and Big Bend (in fall or spring)
  •  Monument Valley in northern Arizona (springtime)
  •   Northern New Mexico (Taos, especially—just not during winter)
  •   Southern Utah