Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Drop In

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This is lame. I am the first to admit it. But, I have missed all of you for so long and just wanted to say I am alive and plugging along. I think blog posts and messages to you frequently and, yes, I know: fat lot of good that does anyone.
Showing in a gallery is a wonderful education. I had no inkling that I would enjoy it so much. I am exhausted and frazzled by deadlines much of the time. Of course, I bring it all on myself. You knew that, didn't you? But, I am glad I took this on. It has been challenging, exhilarating, and a wonderful opportunity to grow. A big bonus is that I have met new friends—a good thing when you have fairly recently moved to a community. At last, the Tehachapi Valleys genuinely feel like home.
The Husband and Galen are well. Our pup had been giving us a health scare for quite some time and there was some tension with that, but the doctor has told us to relax. Surgery would be stressful, so he will never get neutered, after all. Galen has been unfazed by the drama. He is enjoying life as much as ever.
All members of the equine trio are currently well. Imagine that! No vet bills for the horses in weeks now.
Learning like mad—upgraded to a new computer (Wow! What a great move!) with Windows 7 (big change for me) and still making good friends with CS6 (big jump from CS3 and the new Camera Raw is amazing!). I am in love with the new brushes in this upgrade and so very glad I had gotten my Intuos tablet. My poor, tiny brain aches most days from absorbing new lessons and I am enjoying my work on images more than ever.
Life is good in Bear Valley Springs. I simply had finally gotten too many plates in the air and something was bound to drop. I regret that it was my participation in the valuable conversation with my friends on the web, but hope to fix that. I am clearing up some health issues, may be getting close to getting a handle on the gallery thing, and look forward to finally having time to return to blogging. I have never understood how I was so fortunate to be welcomed into a community of  such outstanding bloggers, but I was (and still am) grateful to have been accepted. I appreciate the welcome and will come back asking to return and catch up on the news.  
Take care, everyone. I miss you.