Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Work Report Postponed

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For the last several days I have been in a frenzy of matting and framing prints for that next project I mentioned. There will be chatter about all that soon. I have been busy and distracted, but good busy. By the first week in May, I will have a new display of work up in town and got the good news yesterday that another piece in that location sold.

Now, however, there is another distraction to deal with. The Husband's surgery is nearly upon us and, of course, there are still dozens of things to do before the big day. I am already pooped.

I am far more anxious than I was before either of my recent surgeries. After all, I had The Husband to take care of me. Now, he is stuck with me as caretaker. I can't compete, but will give it my all.

Galen is on several medications for what appears to an allergic reaction. That stinks. Poor little guy is being a champ about it. Chores are piled up. Life is more hectic than usual.

Winter just won't go away here. We have had a great deal of fog. (See above.) Lots of cold and windy days. But, skies beautiful enough to bring tears to your eyes on many days, and there are hints of Spring. Eventually.

Updates will come in a few days. In the meantime, I hope all of those struggling with spring allergies get some relief soon.