Monday, December 12, 2011

The Morning After the Show

During an art show, I am almost always having a great time. The day after—when the metaphorical dust has settled—I am nursing my aches and pains, assessing what I can do better next time, reviewing some of the people I met, and thinking that I am too old for this!

At the end of the day on Saturday, I was in fair condition and somewhat amazed. By the time we cleared out last night, I was barely functional. I was in bed by a quarter after nine and felt as though I could sleep for two days, at least.

Overall, I had a good weekend—in spite of the fact that traffic was slow. I think we were too close to Christmas. Anyway, I sold three pieces and with a small turnout, that wasn't bad, at all.

Small turnout or not, I am pooped. I will have to lay low for a few days and catch my breath. I am already thinking about the next show. Is that sick? I am looking forward to the next rush of creativity and what ever discoveries lie ahead. I already have a list of some pieces that I want to focus on and some that I didn't finish in time for this show.

I am just grateful that I don't have to start work immediately. I do have one task for this week. I have been asked to donate a piece for the raffle held at the big Bear Valley Springs show. That task has to be taken care of this week; but, after that I plan to kick back for a few days and pretend, once again, to be fully retired.

I will be back when the aching subsides and I am not constantly stifling yawns. I owe a stack of responses to all who have posted comments, but this statement of gratitude can't wait: Thank you all for the generous good wishes that I got before the show. Your kind words sent me off full of enthusiasm and optimism.

Answers and some questions coming soon.

P.S. I was waiting and hoping to find the energy to add a photo to this, but have given up. This post will have to go out on the big ol' World Wide Web unadorned.

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