Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Processing Photos on the iPhone

Sometimes I enjoy processing my iPhonography either on the phone or on the iPad. There are some wonderful apps that are easily affordable and amazingly sophisticated. My favorites are Snapseed and Filterstorm. I sometimes experiment on these grab shots when I get blocked on a bigger piece. That getting stuck occurs most often when I start hoping that the bigger piece is one that might achieve exhibit quality. 

To quiet the noise of expectations, I like to give myself permission to experiment on something completely different, before I go back to the "investment" piece. IPhoneography is particularly effective in dealing with this type of creative block. I can completely change the scenery by walking away from the computer—even close the door to that room, if I choose. 

The strategy works well for me and sometimes the playtime produces the bonus of an image that I rather enjoy. The scene is vintage Kern County and one of the reasons that I enjoy the drive to Bakersfield on Highway 58. 

I hope you enjoy the image. 

iPhoneography, Just for Fun

Increasingly, I use my iPhone camera for what I call, phototherapy. I particularly enjoy dabbling in ICM (Intentional Camera Movement). I don't find much time for exploring this, but enjoy dabbling in it, occasionally. I fantasize about finding the time to really dig into an exploration of ICM. Maybe...someday....