Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Brings The Local Art Show

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Lately, it has been easy to forget that spring is around the corner. Days of rain, followed by days of snow that melts only to be replaced by more snow, then followed by rain. Gray has been a dominant color with the exceptional sunny days serving as welcome reminders that this won't really last forever.

I haven't had time to fret over the gloom, as I have been immersed in preparations for the Bear Valley Springs annual art show. Since I missed the event last year, I have only participated in this show once and that time I entered pieces that were conventionally matted and framed. It was basic gallery style frames, standard mats, and your typical color prints for me. This time around, I am trying new things.

For instance, I am experimenting with prints on metallic paper (finally, I might add—the paper has been around for ages now). I also am ordering one piece printed on metal. Of course, like a child, I will be waiting for the delivery truck tomorrow when I get to see my sample pack from Bay Photo. They offer so many finishes in the metal that I needed to see samples before placing my order. While I am catching up with the rest of the photography world, I will test out one print on canvas. I decided why not have fun with this show and check out what everyone else has been playing with for several years now. When this show is over, I will not only have had the fun of participating, but I will have learned a great deal.

Beyond the new print materials, I am also placing my first order for frames and mats from Frame Destination in Dallas, Texas. I have read good reviews about the company for years and thought it was time I found out for myself how good they are.  A few weeks ago, I placed a small order with them and was impressed with the way they handled it. It happened that one item in my order was temporarily out of stock. They called me to inform me of the delay and I was already impressed that a real person called to let me know. Then, the item arrived, having been shipped Fed Ex 2-day, although I had not paid for the expedited shipping. Their handling of the situation gave me an idea why reviewers have given them raves for their customer service. I felt the service warranted further investigation.

You will hear some of those last minute howls of "woe is me" as the deadline nears for hanging pieces, but you know I will be having fun, as well. I remember the opening day reception as a marvelous party where I met a number of delightful people. Why should 2011 be any less a day of celebration?