Galen's Page

Galen is the much-loved Shetland Sheepdog who came to make ours a happier home in May, 2010. Galen is a California boy out of “Karosel A Gift From The Heart” (Gracie) by “Brangay Quick Draw” (McGraw). The breeders who brought this bundle of furry love into the world are the Sadberry’s at SevenOaks Shelties in Bakersfield, California. Thus, he began life as a valley boy and has evolved into a mountain boy. You can easily see where his formal name originates. At AKC he is known as, “Quick Draw’s Mountain Boy”.

At home, he answers to Galen. Of course, like any pup, he has his share of nicknames. He is frequently referred to as Pooh, Pooh-dog, Sir Galen, Mr. G, Puppy, Quick Draw’s Kid, McGraw’s Boy, even Boon (because he reminds us of a former Sheltie). Naturally, he is far from perfect; therefore, he is sometimes referred to as Goofus, Dingbat, Stinker, and other names (used by The Husband) that have no place on a family-friendly site.

Galen, is crazy about his toys. He loves toys at least as much as he loves food. Far and away his most beloved companion/toy is Pony. High ranking also are Foxy, Crazy Duck, and any towel that lands in his possession. For insurance, we recently bought Lion, because we fear for Pony’s longevity and needed to know that a substitute might eventually be found. (I am relieved to announce that Lion has been a hit.) Rabbits in a Hat was a huge favorite when he was younger. I will say that while he briefly enjoyed getting the rabbits out of the hat, he was most fond of the hat itself. He especially liked wearing it over his nose. So, it impeded his vision! Who needs to see?

Galen is a happy dog. But, should you ask what is missing from his home, I am certain that he would answer (with a catch in his voice, no doubt), “A doggy door! Please.”. Unfortunately for the pup, this dream isn’t about to come true. We have far too many wild critters in our neighborhood. I am not comfortable with the notion of unscheduled visits by Diamondback Rattlers, coyotes, raccoons, or skunks. I wouldn’t even be okay with a ground squirrel, mole, or vole moseying in, unannounced. Poor pup will have to settle for asking to go in and out the people-door.

His favorite treats are anything made by Zukes, Trader Joe’s liver and chicken treats, and his bully stick. (If you don’t know what the latter is, don’t expect me to explain it. Ask at the pet store.)

His Talent: Loving and entertaining his family

Least Favorite Pastimes: any type of grooming, but especially handling his feet.

His favorite cause: World Peace, or as a popular billboard in Los Angeles read: Whirled Peas

His Playtime Philosophy: Anytime, Anywhere

Note: You can find the stories about Galen, along with more photos of our pup, by typing "puppy", "Sheltie", and "Galen" in the search box. Enjoy!