Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pooped and Preoccupied

Ya'll talk amongst yourselves. Because, I have started three or four posts that I could never seem to finish, I will give up and wait until I catch my breath. In addition to the moving chaos, we have to keep the place ready for showings of course. That keeps things interesting. I suppose I should be grateful. If not for the neatness enforced on us, I fear we would be living in a total mess. Does anyone know the line from an old Bette Davis film, where she enters a house and says, with her customary flair, "What a dump!" I never saw the film, but saw a clip once in a show about her and that stuck in my mind. Well, without the pressure of showings and wanting very much to sell, I suspect our place, by now, would qualify for Bette's description.

We are in the final stages of moving and doing it in a crazy way. (Hey, what else?) We are taking loads up to Bear Valley on a weekly basis. The trips accomplish two things. We have a huge percentage of our smaller stuff up there already and we are even starting to do a little unpacking. Besides, we need to go each week to water our young struggling trees. A further bonus is that this routine gives The Husband an opportunity to check on the horses (they are already up there boarding for this transition period.)

I'm hoping to have a quiet day soon, but not banking on it. Anyway, this won't last forever. At least, I hope not. Egads! What a horrifying prospect.