Friday, June 10, 2011

Nostalgia or Just Near-Sighted

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I remain all caught up in exploring texture layers. The exploration has led me to thinking more about how I see. Being drawn to nostalgia (I am at that age, after all) has something to do with it, I suppose. Furthermore, I am an incurable romantic and that obviously plays no small part in my fling with this processing technique.

More important, I suspect, is the fact that I am nearsighted. I remember quite vividly the shock I experienced when I got my first pair of glasses, as a child. All the details in the distance came as quite a shock to me. All my young life, the close-up things had rich detail, then beyond a certain field of vision there was a rather pleasant softening of details. I am beginning to wonder if that has a bit to do with how strongly I am drawn to this way of finishing an image.

On the other hand, I just plain enjoy "fiddling" with images. Who knows? In a couple of months, I may have lost all interest in this look. No telling what I will be up to then. Of this I am certain: I can't imagine ever tiring of the challenge presented by something new and different.

Both texture layers used in this image are from Shadowhouse Creations.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Not Yet Ready

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I had been forewarned to install iTunes on my desktop in preparation for the arrival of my iPad. I also knew that I had to deal with creating a folder for the photos I wanted on the tablet, resize those images, and be ready to "sync", whatever the heck that meant. I wasn't excited about either chore.

I had struggled with iTunes years ago and positively loathed the sound of its name. It irked me that I would have to deal with it again. I knew I had a great deal to learn; but, having seen that the tablet wasn't likely to arrive before June 8, I postponed the inevitable and stayed busy with other projects. There was a surprise in store.

Last Friday afternoon, the FedEx truck pulled up in front of our house. "Why was he here", was all I could think? Then, as he headed to the door, I saw the size of the package in his hand. Uh Oh. The iPad was several days early.

There I was—tablet in hand and hours away from having anything on it. It was an interesting weekend. But, I now have a functioning iPad and iTunes isn't nearly the nightmare that I remembered it to be. There were a few rough patches and I am not left any swearing allowance for the entire remainder of this month; but, I think I am over the worst of it.

Although I am never ready for the green to fade on those foothills along Highway 58, I love them just as much when they turn to gold. Every time we make that drive I want wings. What would it be like to spend your days soaring above those miles upon miles of rolling hills and valleys at the southern base of the Sierra Nevadas?