Friday, June 10, 2011

Nostalgia or Just Near-Sighted

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I remain all caught up in exploring texture layers. The exploration has led me to thinking more about how I see. Being drawn to nostalgia (I am at that age, after all) has something to do with it, I suppose. Furthermore, I am an incurable romantic and that obviously plays no small part in my fling with this processing technique.

More important, I suspect, is the fact that I am nearsighted. I remember quite vividly the shock I experienced when I got my first pair of glasses, as a child. All the details in the distance came as quite a shock to me. All my young life, the close-up things had rich detail, then beyond a certain field of vision there was a rather pleasant softening of details. I am beginning to wonder if that has a bit to do with how strongly I am drawn to this way of finishing an image.

On the other hand, I just plain enjoy "fiddling" with images. Who knows? In a couple of months, I may have lost all interest in this look. No telling what I will be up to then. Of this I am certain: I can't imagine ever tiring of the challenge presented by something new and different.

Both texture layers used in this image are from Shadowhouse Creations.


  1. That is lovely! As much as I'd like it to, my creative vision doesn't extend far enough into this type of artistic expression, though my wife, Shirley's certainly does. I envy the pair of you in being able to create images like this.

    You might like this guys images:

  2. Colin - Thank you for your kind words. Just so you know, I spend a good deal of time admiring your photography and sometimes fret over why I can't see more like you. I suppose it is human nature, right? I wonder if a predominance of those drawn to this more "dreamy" way of presenting photos is female. Your link certainly doesn't support any such theory.

    Thank you for that head up on Doug's work. I can quickly see that I will be sending some time exploring his site. I am so new at this that I am eager to get a clearer sense of what works for me and what doesn't.

  3. And, that's what I love about you, "I can't imagine ever tiring of the challenge presented by something new and different." Great image, by the way.

  4. Monte - What a lovely thing to say. One might say that I am flighty and can't seem to decide what kind of photographer I want to be (when I grow up). I appreciate your endorsement of my continued search. Thanks and I'm glad you like my bench and chairs.

  5. Some images are well suited to texture overlay, and this is one. It adds interest and doesn't detract from the subject. I was always interested in experimenting with images, but in the darkroom it was time consuming and expensive. Digital makes it easy and affordable to pursue the creative urge.

  6. Ken - Indeed, I have seen some examples online that don't work, in my opinion, precisely because texturing seemed to distract, or at least added nothing positive. All a matter of taste, of course.

    Because I began photography in the digital age all this "engineering" of the photo on a computer seems perfectly normal to me.

    Thanks for your comment.

  7. Anita, what a wonderful way to learn, both in our photography and our lives -- trial and error, or success as certainly the case of this image. This photo would look grand in a Tuscan styled home...where's the wine?

  8. Earl - I had not thought of the Tuscan theme, but I like that idea. Hmmm. (The sound of my little brain trying to work up a good hum. And, there definitely should be wine—something red, I assume. Thanks for your thoughts.

  9. Interesting, you're the second person I hear saying being used to viewing the World this way, and liking it. I'm the other one. I use to say that the World looks so much better through a fog filter. I even said that while being young, so it has nothing to do with nostalgia. It do look better. :-)

  10. Ove- I am delighted to hear from someone who shares my experience More to say I hope by tomorrow.


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