Monday, June 6, 2011

Not Yet Ready

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I had been forewarned to install iTunes on my desktop in preparation for the arrival of my iPad. I also knew that I had to deal with creating a folder for the photos I wanted on the tablet, resize those images, and be ready to "sync", whatever the heck that meant. I wasn't excited about either chore.

I had struggled with iTunes years ago and positively loathed the sound of its name. It irked me that I would have to deal with it again. I knew I had a great deal to learn; but, having seen that the tablet wasn't likely to arrive before June 8, I postponed the inevitable and stayed busy with other projects. There was a surprise in store.

Last Friday afternoon, the FedEx truck pulled up in front of our house. "Why was he here", was all I could think? Then, as he headed to the door, I saw the size of the package in his hand. Uh Oh. The iPad was several days early.

There I was—tablet in hand and hours away from having anything on it. It was an interesting weekend. But, I now have a functioning iPad and iTunes isn't nearly the nightmare that I remembered it to be. There were a few rough patches and I am not left any swearing allowance for the entire remainder of this month; but, I think I am over the worst of it.

Although I am never ready for the green to fade on those foothills along Highway 58, I love them just as much when they turn to gold. Every time we make that drive I want wings. What would it be like to spend your days soaring above those miles upon miles of rolling hills and valleys at the southern base of the Sierra Nevadas?


  1. Anita, lovely photo...good job on getting everything installed, setup and the fun with the iPad begins.

  2. Earl - Thanks. Believe me, the fun has already begun. I have serious eyestrain from looking at the screen so much over the past three and a half days. I have no doubt that I am going to enjoy this purchase.

  3. Excellent! You've taken your first sip of the Kool-Aid! :) Now, you're hooked. That's a beautiful shot, there my Apple Sister!

  4. I love the gold and blue in this one, Anita. The Sierra Nevadas are beautiful this time of year and you were at a great vantage point when you shot this.
    It'll be interesting to see how you use the iPad. Aside from the fun factor, maybe you can get some productivity out of it. Let us know!

  5. Paul - Help! I am being stalked by one of Steve Jobs' henchmen! :)

  6. Ken - That highway offers a mouth-watering, ultimately torturous view of those hills. There are places where I want to stop so badly I can barely contain myself. I have my heart set on trip further north along that mountain range in early fall, this year.

    The major productivity I expect from the iPad is that I have a means of easily showing my portfolio to curious people. You know, all those hordes of people who stop me on the sidewalk begging, wild-eyed, for a look at my images. :)

    I do very much like being able to do some of my surfing away from my desk chair. Moreover, never having owned an iPod, I enjoy the portable music player. For the moment, that helps make the tablet a new shiny toy.

  7. Wonderful, congratulations to a nearly struggle-free introduction of an Apple animal in a PC environment. It surely sounds like a great tool when to show images and such.

  8. Ove - Since I am brand new to the world of carry in the hand electronic devices (I'm not including my "not smart" cell phone, of course, nor my laptop computer), this has been quite an adventure for me. Unfortunately, I can already see that it is a money pit. Plenty of companaion toys to tempt one.

    What a wonderful phrase from you: "introduction of an Apple animal in a PC environment." That sums up the experience perfectly. So far, all is at peace.

  9. You are an interesting lady with courage to step forward with anything new. Courage to venture back into the world of itunes and come out ahead. :-)

  10. Monte - Pretty pathetic, right, when "tackling" iTunes is big adventure in one's life? Thanks for the comment, Monte.

  11. Well, I am sure you are an expert by now since I am late to reading this post. :-) Well, at least I hope all is still well.

    You have already realized the hidden expenses of these devices - that too easily accessible App Store with a one click swipe of your credit card can be a money drain. :-)

  12. Mark - While I am a long way from being an expert, I am fairly enthusiastic about this thing.

    Oh, yes, temptation lies at the
    fingertips,constantly beckoning. So far, I am staying out of trouble.

    Thanks for dropping by.


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