Friday, April 3, 2009

Ready for the Spring Art Show

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I’m still in a bit of shock over having finished all my work for the Bear Valley Springs Art Show two full days before the deadline. This gets recorded in a journal as a first for me. Typically, I am frantically working until the wee hours the night before the event. The thing that really saved me was the rules for the show. Each participant is allowed only five pieces. Thus, when the five pieces were framed and ready to go, I couldn’t get any crazy ideas about adding maybe just two more to the display.

The thing I am looking forward to most of all is meeting some of the local artists and, of course, particularly the photographers here in the valley. I have met a couple so far at the monthly art walk. On the first Friday of every month, a group of galleries in Tehachapi host First Friday, an Artist Reception for member artists. Along with the art work, guests are treated to refreshments and, frequently, featured artists give demonstrations or special signings. Furthermore, local musicians are frequently part of the event. The Husband and I have made it into town for a couple of these events and enjoyed the festivities immensely. Last month, one gallery featured a sculptor who talked to anyone interested about her process and had some molds in various stages of readiness for the bronze to illustrate her comments. She was personable, eager to answer questions, and we enjoyed her immensely.

The show tomorrow is at the country club in BVS. I have not yet been to the country club, so there will be lots of new experiences in store for me.

Mining Caliente Creek Road

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I am a sucker for old structures—houses, barns, sheds, most anything. Imagine how happy I was to see a cluster of old buildings along the narrow road following Caliente Creek. I was drawn to the textures and colors in the building materials. When I revisited this folder yesterday, I became more convinced that I have to return and shoot there when I am once again more mobile. I hope to somehow learn more about the background on these buildings.
I’m not certain that the area would be my ideal SoBoMoMo project, since part of what appealed to me is the allure of the amazing colors there and those are not apt to last through May. Those greens won't survive the warmer temperatures when it becomes more clear where the caliente part of the name comes from. Still, I want to explore further and try to determine whether I would be as fascinated without the intense colors of the spring vegetation.

My clean-up-the-computer project (clearing out files and moving folders off the C drive has taken up most of the time that wasn’t devoted to getting ready for the art show tomorrow. I plan to begin late next week refreshing my memory on how to cope with my creaky old Pagemaker 7 and produce a couple of PDF’s so that part of the SoFoBoMo challenge is less onerous. Once again, I have a rough idea of the layout. But, I remember that last year I also had an image in my mind of how my book would look and, as the project evolved, it took on a form that I hadn’t anticipated. We’ll see what happens this time around.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Separation Anxiety

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Yesterday, The Husband took some play-time for himself and took Lancer out for a ride. We both knew there would be some fireworks, but we didn’t know how much. To begin with, Lancer hadn’t had a saddle on him in a couple of months and the Arabian racing blood coursing through those veins makes itself evident on a regular basis. The second consideration takes us back to the basic fact that horses are herd animals and the longer members of a herd are together without separation, the more dependent they become on that herd for a sense of safety. Since The Husband has been completely occupied with helping to install fencing, putting up the mare motel, doing the farrier duties, etc., he hasn’t been able to ride much. Consequently, Lancer and Night have been pastured together for over a year now and rarely separated even for brief periods.

Lancer was fine it turns out and, according to reports, on his best behavior. Night, on the other hand, went berserk as Jim and his buddy rode off leaving him behind. It was a great show, but I will admit that a couple of times, I was bit concerned for his safety. Of course, he survived the trauma, but when Jim and Lancer returned, it was Night who was all lathered up.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Love at First Sight

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Yesterday, The Husband offered to take me for an outing. By Saturday, my left foot had only two-and-a-half purple toes, rather than four. Moreover, I had reached the point of gingerly picking my way about for a few steps in one direction or another, using the walker only when I felt the need for additional stability.

Of course, I was elated at the idea of seeing something outside our house. In three weeks, I had developed quite a case of cabin-fever. Since The Husband loves to take drives and explore back roads, I was happy to let him decide on our route and just be along for the ride. As usual, the Sherpa knows. He elected to head West on the 58, then north off the freeway to Caliente Creek Road. I knew I would enjoy the drive regardless of what we saw, but I was especially eager because our route would drop us just enough in elevation to mean some different vegetation.

What I hadn’t planned on was a dizzying variety of gorgeous trees (some already in full foliage), steep canyon walls, and stunning wildflowers. It was an intoxicating preview of what we will see here in a few short weeks. I am completely smitten. This is another of those occasions when I wish I were 6’3”, the size of an NFL linebacker, and capable of a nasty snarl (and worse) that would make people think twice about messing with me. Instead, I am a puny, 5’3”, little old lady who wouldn’t scare a rabbit. If I were that linebacker-type character, I would take off on my own and be back in that mostly wild canyon exploring every two or three days. I would love to make the canyon my SoFoBoMo project.

What added to the fun yesterday was that a couple of times I was able to get out of the car where we parked beside the narrow road and take a few steps in one direction or another. I have reached the point where I trust the ankle wrap to hold my foot and ankle steady for short trips. The right foot is messed up, but not nearly so badly, and it felt reasonably secure in some lace-up boots. By picking my way carefully one step at a time, I avoided inflicting any new damage and had a marvelous time shooting—even if I could not do any climbing about, crouching, or belly shots.