Friday, April 3, 2009

Mining Caliente Creek Road

(Click on the thumbnail for the bigger, better version)

I am a sucker for old structures—houses, barns, sheds, most anything. Imagine how happy I was to see a cluster of old buildings along the narrow road following Caliente Creek. I was drawn to the textures and colors in the building materials. When I revisited this folder yesterday, I became more convinced that I have to return and shoot there when I am once again more mobile. I hope to somehow learn more about the background on these buildings.
I’m not certain that the area would be my ideal SoBoMoMo project, since part of what appealed to me is the allure of the amazing colors there and those are not apt to last through May. Those greens won't survive the warmer temperatures when it becomes more clear where the caliente part of the name comes from. Still, I want to explore further and try to determine whether I would be as fascinated without the intense colors of the spring vegetation.

My clean-up-the-computer project (clearing out files and moving folders off the C drive has taken up most of the time that wasn’t devoted to getting ready for the art show tomorrow. I plan to begin late next week refreshing my memory on how to cope with my creaky old Pagemaker 7 and produce a couple of PDF’s so that part of the SoFoBoMo challenge is less onerous. Once again, I have a rough idea of the layout. But, I remember that last year I also had an image in my mind of how my book would look and, as the project evolved, it took on a form that I hadn’t anticipated. We’ll see what happens this time around.


  1. What a striking stone cottage. The strong earth tones along with the bright green of the vegetation is very soothing. I'll be interested learning if you find out more about this structure. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Earl - Welcome. I'm glad you dropped by and I hope you will visit often.

    Ah, another soul who is fascinated with old buildings. I certainly hope I can track down the facts. I suspect that it may take a while, but I will do some digging and be certain to post them here when I get any leads.

  3. I, too, like old buildings as well as the crags, valleys, and etchings of old faces. Somehow the patina of old age looks appealing. It speaks of history. I'm sure that you'll have fun exploring this area once you are mobile again.

  4. There is something quite alluring of buildings made from local materials. It seems to put them more at home in their environment.

  5. Paul - I heartily agree about the patina of age, but I wondered if that was just me rationalizing my own patina.:) Like you, I enjoy the connnection with history.

  6. Bob - I enjoy all the old materials showing the wear and tear from years of varying weather conditions.


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