Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Separation Anxiety

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Yesterday, The Husband took some play-time for himself and took Lancer out for a ride. We both knew there would be some fireworks, but we didn’t know how much. To begin with, Lancer hadn’t had a saddle on him in a couple of months and the Arabian racing blood coursing through those veins makes itself evident on a regular basis. The second consideration takes us back to the basic fact that horses are herd animals and the longer members of a herd are together without separation, the more dependent they become on that herd for a sense of safety. Since The Husband has been completely occupied with helping to install fencing, putting up the mare motel, doing the farrier duties, etc., he hasn’t been able to ride much. Consequently, Lancer and Night have been pastured together for over a year now and rarely separated even for brief periods.

Lancer was fine it turns out and, according to reports, on his best behavior. Night, on the other hand, went berserk as Jim and his buddy rode off leaving him behind. It was a great show, but I will admit that a couple of times, I was bit concerned for his safety. Of course, he survived the trauma, but when Jim and Lancer returned, it was Night who was all lathered up.


  1. Poor Night! I'm glad that he survived it. It's only fair that your hubby should take him next! That is, if he wants to go! :-)

  2. Quite an action shot. Now I'm no horse behaviourist but with tail up like that he seems rather agitated.

    Oh yes, and why is it a mare motel for a pair of boys (stallions or geldings?)?

  3. Paul - I think Night is definitely next up for an evening ride. That means I will probably have an opportunity to watch Lancer work himself into a fit.

  4. Martin - Glad you like the action shot. Photographing horses at liberty is a fun challenge since they move fast and unpredictably.

    In this case, Night is intensely agitated. No question that he was upset. However, the Arabians most often carry their tails up like that, even when just romping for fun.

    As for the mare motel, I have been wondering out loud about the sexist name for these structures, since many of them are used to shelter geldings. I suspect that the particular size and shape came about when someone was designing a shelter for mares near foaling time. The pipe corral sections are extra roomy—I suppose to make room for mother and baby.


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