Friday, April 3, 2009

Ready for the Spring Art Show

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I’m still in a bit of shock over having finished all my work for the Bear Valley Springs Art Show two full days before the deadline. This gets recorded in a journal as a first for me. Typically, I am frantically working until the wee hours the night before the event. The thing that really saved me was the rules for the show. Each participant is allowed only five pieces. Thus, when the five pieces were framed and ready to go, I couldn’t get any crazy ideas about adding maybe just two more to the display.

The thing I am looking forward to most of all is meeting some of the local artists and, of course, particularly the photographers here in the valley. I have met a couple so far at the monthly art walk. On the first Friday of every month, a group of galleries in Tehachapi host First Friday, an Artist Reception for member artists. Along with the art work, guests are treated to refreshments and, frequently, featured artists give demonstrations or special signings. Furthermore, local musicians are frequently part of the event. The Husband and I have made it into town for a couple of these events and enjoyed the festivities immensely. Last month, one gallery featured a sculptor who talked to anyone interested about her process and had some molds in various stages of readiness for the bronze to illustrate her comments. She was personable, eager to answer questions, and we enjoyed her immensely.

The show tomorrow is at the country club in BVS. I have not yet been to the country club, so there will be lots of new experiences in store for me.


  1. That's excellent, Anita. Can you share with us the pieces that you will be showing?

  2. Paul - I had been thinking that I should have done. You have provided the push that needed. Now added at the top of the to-do list.

    I just got back from delivering the five pieces and having a very nice chat with a couple of charming artists. Now I am looking forward even more to the reception this afternoon.

  3. So, how did the show go? I've never participated in one.

  4. Paul - I had a wonderful time. The opening reception was quite a social event complete with elaborate refreshments and there was a very nice turnout. All the work will stay up until after Easter and I am looking forward to going back tomorrow, or the next day, to look at all the pieces without the crowds. Although, I enjoyed the crowd immensely, since I had an opportunity to meet lots of lovely people.

  5. I have to imagine art shows can be very rewarding in talking with so many people. I admire those that are able to do them - I know they are a lot of work.

  6. Mark - They are a lot of work, but a great way to connect with people. Plus, for me, participating is partly about building a fire under me to print and frame pieces. So far, I have enjoyed my ventures. I can't imagine entering into it in a deadly serious way. The matting and framing part isn't fun for me. Although that job is much easier after your reminder to use the compressed air to keep the glass clean. Thanks again.


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