Thursday, April 9, 2009

On to the Next Event

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The work from fifty-seven Bear Valley Springs artists will remain up at the Art Show through Easter. During the lull before picking up my work next Monday, I had planned to post pictures of what I showed and make a report on my education from that experience. (Much of that education centers around the prices here. After coming from a market like Los Angeles and some pieces that were sold by a contact in the Palm Springs area, I have a great deal to learn about Tehachapi and Bear Valley Springs. Perhaps the most important lesson that I have learned is that I must cut my costs considerably. Thus, I began almost immediately after the reception last Saturday to shop like a mad woman for frames.) A still bigger shift came when I got news that sent me scrambling and elevated my education to critical status.

A lovely lady, who coincidentally moved to BVS last year, had asked several weeks ago to display some of my work at her new store in Tehachapi. Now, she has been accepted as a participant in the First Friday Art Walk—the event that I mentioned in my last post way back last Friday. Has it really been that long? This week, I learned that I will be the featured artist at Lori’s gallery May 1. Of course, I am scurrying around shopping, digging through unpacked boxes for stored mattes, printing test prints, struggling with profit/loss sheets (ah, math my favorite pastime), and just generally having a hectic, but exhilarating time.

I will try to keep up, but anyone who has read my blog for any time knows that I am rather lousy at juggling a long list of projects—which makes one wonder why I inevitably insist on piling up tasks much like a chronic overeater at an all-you-can-eat buffet. I just can’t resist piling one more goodie on that virtual plate.

So, wish me luck. I hope to supply Lori, my friend and new partner in crime, with plenty of pieces priced to suit our new market.