Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pooped and Preoccupied

Ya'll talk amongst yourselves. Because, I have started three or four posts that I could never seem to finish, I will give up and wait until I catch my breath. In addition to the moving chaos, we have to keep the place ready for showings of course. That keeps things interesting. I suppose I should be grateful. If not for the neatness enforced on us, I fear we would be living in a total mess. Does anyone know the line from an old Bette Davis film, where she enters a house and says, with her customary flair, "What a dump!" I never saw the film, but saw a clip once in a show about her and that stuck in my mind. Well, without the pressure of showings and wanting very much to sell, I suspect our place, by now, would qualify for Bette's description.

We are in the final stages of moving and doing it in a crazy way. (Hey, what else?) We are taking loads up to Bear Valley on a weekly basis. The trips accomplish two things. We have a huge percentage of our smaller stuff up there already and we are even starting to do a little unpacking. Besides, we need to go each week to water our young struggling trees. A further bonus is that this routine gives The Husband an opportunity to check on the horses (they are already up there boarding for this transition period.)

I'm hoping to have a quiet day soon, but not banking on it. Anyway, this won't last forever. At least, I hope not. Egads! What a horrifying prospect.


  1. Anita, it's good to hear from you. Of course, you know that I've not been posting either. I'm a bit preoccupied myself ... trying to move to Charleston, SC, temporarily. It has been a huge distraction.

    I remember when we were in Dallas trying to sell our house. It took us nearly 2 years to do it! Mind you, that we'd put the house on the market for 6 months, take it off for 2, put it back on for 6, etc. Keeping it clean for that long is seriously stressful, especially with a very messy pre-teen in the house, who is now an extremely messy teenager! :-)

    I felt as if we didn't live there. Nothing could be out of place because, at any moment, we might get a call and someone would want to see the house ... then we'd have to evacuate the premises, find someplace to go for 30 minutes, then come back and start the cycle all over again. Very disconcerting and distracting!

    Good luck with the sale. I hope that it happens for you soon. I'll probably start writing again next week, I hope, when I land in Charleston. Lately, I just haven't had anything to say.

  2. Paul, I had remembered your saying that you had a house on the market for almost two years. That sounded so daunting and now here we are five months in and wondering if we will start renting instead. At least our realtor doesn't recommend that we "disappear" during showings. Still, interrupting what you are trying to accomplish (baking, packing, cleaning, whatever) and rushing around to set the table, and hide the everyday towels, etc. does keep us a bit on edge. I wouldn't have stood a chance with a messy pre-teen.

    I have been looking forward to your being back to writing. I am eager to follow your adventure.


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