Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Please Don't Take My Pony Away

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Galen loves his toys and has many favorites. However, we weren't prepared for the attachment he formed to this one. Clearly, this photo of our puppy dozing in the kitchen wouldn't persuade you to see the stuffed creature, wrapped in the little puppy legs and held carefully in the mouth, as a pony. But, I assure you there were more clues in Pony's salad days. 

In case this image doesn't make clear the devotion Galen feels for Pony, let me tell you about the night Pony got a bath. Our first mistake was scheduling the bath late into the evening. Big mistake. The bath was a hand washing procedure and we didn't dare toss the stuffed animal in the dryer. No backup on this toy. Another oops. In the interest of caution, we elected to leave Galen's buddy to air dry. One can't be too careful.

Within a short time of Pony's disappearance, Galen began to fret and soon launched into an urgent search of the premises for his best bud. The agitated pursuit was accompanied by much low whimpering and an air of clear distress. In the beginning, we were somewhat glib. Having lived with dogs all my life, I had never dealt with a canine deeply attached to a toy, stuffed or otherwise. We both thought that the pup would soon be distracted and forget about Pony. Third and largest boo-boo of all.

Hours later, we were desperately trying to distract the now fully distraught dog and convince him that all was right in his world. We tried to engage him in play. We waved other favorite toys under his nose. The magic hat? Nah. Nothing. Sock Monkey? Pooh. Who cares. Even Foxy, couldn't hold his interest. Food? Phew! All Galen wanted was Pony. Freshly washed, but soaking wet Pony.

After a while, we assumed our pup would wear himself out and fall asleep. By now it was bedtime. No. We were sleepless in Bear Valley. All of us. For hours, Galen cried and paced outside the door of the laundry room into which his beloved Pony had disappeared.

I won't go into all the lame efforts we made to speed the drying of the stuffed animal and distract Galen, before we collapsed into bed exhausted and hoping for the best. When the long night finally passed, we awakened, exhausted, and dashed for the laundry room to end everyone's suffering. Suffice it to say that Pony hasn't had a bath since. 


  1. Hehe, that's what happens to me all the time. Glad you enjoy it :)

  2. Anita, It all makes you wonder who owns who doesn't it? I noticed our female dog/child, Maggie, sleeping with a stuffed toy cuddled under her paws the other night...I'm hoping it doesn't turn into a permanent attachment. ;-)

  3. RHM - We discovered early on who really runs the show here.

  4. I've just spent the last hour going over the blog and the website you have. There is some amazing work here, Anita. I am very impressed.
    Galen's affection for his favorite toy is a touching story (well told). He sounds like a charmer.

  5. Ken - Thank you so much for the very kind words. Indeed, Galen is a charmer. I don't know how we had ever gotten along without him.

  6. Anita...Whoops...that "RHM" comment was me. I'd made the comment at lunch from work and I didn't realize I was still logged on under a work Google Account.

  7. Earl - I wondered who "the Mystery Man" might be?! Thanks, Earl.

    Galen's attachment to Pony has me fretting a bit. We can't even remember where we bought Pony. Besides, if we did, who says there would be one there now? I guess we are stuck with what will eventually become a dirty, begraggled, and ultimately unrecognizable remnant. Perhaps he will outgrow the attachment before the little stuffed creature is completely disgusting. We can hope.

  8. Ha! Thanks for the laugh. We have had a very similar experience with our dog.

  9. Mark - It was a new one for us. But, we learned our lesson well. No more late evening doggy laundry.

  10. What a cutie! How can he possibly be any problem--he's so innocent looking! Lol ;)

  11. Mary Ann - Yes, he does look incapable of mischief, doesn't he? Hmmm. Truly, he is a joy. We screw up occasionally. But, he is a terrific dog.

  12. LOL! Anita, I have missed your stories so much! :) I hope that you have learned your lesson!!! Galen must never be deprived of his pony again.

    Hobbs has never been attached to anything like that, but we did have some reindeer that we would put out each Christmas. He would always sniff out Rudolph, so named because I colored his nose red. You can't have a collection of reindeer without a Rudolph! During the entire holiday season, whenever we would put Rudolph back, Hobbs would take him out again and place him in his bed. Finally we gave up.

    After Christmas, Rudolph went back into the box. Next Christmas, like clockwork, Hobbs would discover him, without error, and claim him as his own. It was quite funny.

  13. Paul - And, I have missed your conversation. It appears that you have caught your breath from the job change. I hope all goes well in that department.

    Indeed, Pony will remain with us regardless of how disgusting he may become. Visitors will have to be tolerant.

    I love the Hobbs story. Little guy clearly loved his very special Christmas treat. Wonder if he misses him later?


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