Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Computer Battles

That recent fog, or fever, passed several days ago; but, I have been fighting Internet battles for the last few days and, unfortunately, don’t see an end in sight. I knew from the beginning that our access up here to the World Wide Web was apt to try my patience, since we left broadband back in Los Angeles. However, for almost a week now, getting on the web is almost as fun as going to the dentist. For now, I am unable to upload the larger files to my online galleries and even reading, much less posting on the sites of my fellow bloggers, is a slow and exasperating task. Some days, it’s click the mouse; go get a glass of water; wander out to the patio and check the status of the rose bush; amble back to the office; stretch; rearrange some papers on my desk; then, yes, there it is. Boy, am I a spoiled brat, or what? I remember AOL dial up. That wasn’t a picnic and I survived—but, not for long I admit.

I suspect that the problem is much more complex than our Internet provider. My computer is almost three years old. That means not worn out, but overdue for a serious clean-up and, oh, how I dread that. By the time I reload all the programs and download all the updates, two days will be chewed up in work that I loathe. Of course, it wouldn’t take two days for anyone who is truly computer savvy, but remember I mostly fumble and bluff my through this stuff.

This little aggravation won’t get solved immediately due to an upcoming trip and a few commitments that are ahead in the queue. In the meantime, I will post here as best I can (mostly without photos) and my comments on the posts of others will be a bit on the sparse side. It’s no fun being out of the loop, but it won’t last forever. This is just one more of those things that shall pass. But now you know that you need not wonder what exotic and enviable adventures I may have embarked upon. What? You already knew better than that? Drat. I have given away too much. I have to work on an air of mystery. Now, maybe if I….


  1. What kind of access do you have there?

  2. Chris - We have DSL, and it was bearable in the beginning (not as fast as broadband, but it functioned and wasn't a crazy maker.) Recently, it got much worse.

  3. Hm, I certainly don't long back for those days when you used a telephone line modem... It was probably better then that you have to suffer through now. The www was not loaded with images as the ones we post nowadays. Heck, a 500Kb image was an impossible thought, these days, now our blogs have ten of these on the first page. I feel sorry for you, and hope it's getting better again, soon. It might happen without you having to do anything.

  4. Ove - It is painful to imagine having our blogs run on dial up, isn't it? Shudder. This is another of those things that will pass. I'm fortunate to be faced with a problem that isn't serious in the big picture of life.

  5. I hope it gets resolved Anita. I think slow Internet is worse than the dentist. At least they give you something to make you numb! :-). Anyway trying to catch up in your posts here. Hope all is well.

  6. Mark - You make an excellent point. Plus, the trip to the dentist doesn't last nearly as long.

    All is well here, thank you.

    It's great to hear from you. I hadn't realized that you were back. It will be a treat for me catching up with your trip. I know we are all in for some beautiful photographs of an amazing place.


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