Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rules and Regulations

This story reminds me of the ongoing conversation regarding the encroaching limitations on photographers. The number of photographers who would be affected by this particular set of regulations is small. But, it's still a scary thought. It almost makes you wonder if some day photographers could be be singing, to the the tune of Paul Simon's "Kodachrome", of course, "Mama, don't take my Photoshop away.


  1. I've certainly seen this type of uproar before and I must say that I agree with it. It's not the problem of the tool, certainly. It's the grossly misleading advertising. They are advertising an impossibility. Beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder, but we are constantly being bombarded by what advertising execs consider 'ideal'. I am so glad that Dove keeps this website available:, it's a video which I've featured on my blog a few times. I would wish that all teenage girls be required to watch it many times so that they could see the truth.

    Personally, I find no appeal in what I consider grossly underweight, super skinny models, but it seems that lots of girls find this appealing. Sad. Very sad.

  2. It's not that Twiggy says, hey, I'm 59, in that commercial. She is a brand, as any other.

    If they would have used a less well-known woman, but much younger, it would have made a difference because of the fame factor. Whoever they would have chosen, she has to turned into a young woman, as their target customers probably are quite young (or identified themselves as young). If natural youth would have been the desired look, they would have photoshopped Twiggy into that. If 59 years old was the top of the line, they wouldn't have to do anything.

    What I'm saying is that digital altering isn't the problem, it's the uniform and narrow view on how we should look like.


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