Thursday, June 11, 2009

SoFoBoMo Competition

(Click on the thumbnail for the bigger, better version)

Okay, that title is a cheap shot. We all know that SoFoBoMo is not a competition. I confess that sometimes, I simply search for titles and, with a little wiggle room, this one does make a thimbleful of sense.

For a time, I thought I would finish my SoFoBoMo project way ahead of schedule (I started May 30th), but I am not so certain of that anymore. For one thing, I wasted some time foolishly clinging to expectations and slowed my progress. On a couple of occasions, I had been spoiled to especially nice light while I was on Oak Canyon Trail, then for several days now we have had cold, gray weather. That, along with all the other distractions during the past week, meant I have not added much to the stack of pictures worth considering. I woke up this morning cured of my blindness and resolved to embrace whatever nature offers.

Another of the blocks that I have put in my path is competing photography projects. I find at least two other projects equally compelling, and I spend some time repeating to myself, “Focus. Focus.” I have to resist the part of me that wants to bounce about aimlessly from one thing to another, constantly starting something new, yet finishing nothing.

Note: The young fellow above was close enough to call for a 73mm setting on my lens.


  1. That's close! If you were not hidden, I guess also other animals than your horses have started to act as if you were part of their natural environment. Really nice framing too.

  2. How come I can never get that close to a big wild animal?

  3. Ove - I wonder if I will be that lucky again. Who knows? I had read that with wild animals an automobile makes an extremely effective blind. I have seen it work many times, but never quite this well.

    Thanks for the nice comment.

  4. Bob - These guys aren't dummies. They know full well that no hunting is permitted in this area and feel amazingly comfortable. If we had opened a car door, that would have changed everything. As it was, we got a wonderful treat and, believe me, it's a new kick for me.

  5. Wow what a beautiful young male. You were close--I think I'd be driving up there regularly looking for a second encounter.

    At one time there was a Eastern Elk subspecies in North Carolina but they are now extinct. However, Rocky Mountain Elk have been reintroduced in Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee and now have permanent populations there. From a distance, I've seen them in the Smoky Mountains National Park but never up close.

    Wonderful photo!

  6. Earl - It has been a struggle to focus on my current SoFoBoMo project. There are far too many temptations.

    The species of elk here are not the ones native to central California. This species was imported years ago.

    It's strange. I feel that I deserve no credit for these shots. They were too easy! Nevertheless, I am deeply grateful for you kind words.


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