Monday, June 8, 2009

Elk on Deer Trail

(Please click on the thumbail for the bigger, better version)

We will see if this finally works. Blogger has been broken all day as far as I can tell. No fun at at. Hiss. Boo.

The weekend was fun, busy, rewarding, and exhausting. Friday night, I was at the gallery with another show, meeting new people and having a wonderful time. Those of you who admired the sample piece included in the May 27 post may be interested to know that she was a favorite. One print sold and I had a few inquiries about the possibility of additional copies. Saturday we attended another, unrelated event, and Sunday I was finally able to devote my full attention to entertaining my sister-in-law who was here for the weekend visiting from Tuscon. I thought she might enjoy seeing the view from one of the ridges and chose Deer Trail Drive for a short exploration. The view was lovely, but the most fun came from not one, but two, sightings of elk. One of the most fascinating things about the experience was the way the animals mostly ignored us as we sat there in the car oohing and ahhing (while I snapped pictures, of course.) They were busy eating and they only periodically took a moment to check on us. I think I will be seeing more of Deer Trail Drive.


  1. Anita, Congratulations on what sounds like another successful night at the gallery--not at all surprised at the positive reaction to the photo from May 27th--you're an artist!

    Very nice photo of the Elk. How close were you and what length lens were you using?

  2. Earl - Thank you for all the kind words. I appreciate the encouragement. I had a wonderful time.

    You have hit on half the fun of the sighting. The elk were so close to the opposite side of the car where my sister-in-law was sitting that I was getting shots with the 24-105mm I had on the camera. This one was shot at 105mm. The elk know full well that they are safe here in the entire development and are only slightly wary.

  3. Anita - Wow, that was close--how exciting! They are sooo beautiful. I'm a little green with envy. ~grin~

  4. Earl - It was a new thrill for me. I was actually amazed to see that any of the photographs were in focus. With all the giddiness, it's a wonder.


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