Monday, January 12, 2009

Quiet Periods

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The sporadic postings over the last few weeks, remind me that I have been in one of those periods where I don’t have much to say. Rather, nothing that I can justify saying—or think that anyone else would be interested in reading about.

The snow is gone. We have had positively balmy weather compared to what we had before and after Christmas. I finally finished the greeting card project that ate December, but another similar project is ongoing. I have taken on the graphics and advertising department for The Husband’s farrier business. Creating the business cards, thank-you cards, flyers, and postcards, along with various stickers and marketing schemes has kept me busy and it has been a satisfying venture all the way around. The Husband is adding clients, and I enjoy seeing my ideas in print. Can’t beat that.

In the meantime, I don’t find as much time to process photos for posting, and the time that I do have to spend online I tend to spend reading the posts of those who do have something worth saying. One thing that I am still taking time for on most days is photo walks. However, all too often, I complete the basic processing of a photo in ACR with firm intention to post the shot here at the blog, then I wander off to another project. When I browse back through old posts, I see clearly that this is my pattern. I post frequently for a week or so, then I get quiet for a time. I don’t suppose there is anything that I need to do about that.

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