Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Life at the Top

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I wouldn't want to live up on one of the ridges surrounding the valley floor, because then I would have to fight the snow and ice on the steep roads during storms. The folks who live up there enjoy stunning views, but they have challenges that I wouldn't enjoy. When out and about driving, I love borrowing their views, and I'm delighted that their presence has resulted in the roads that make my explorations quite doable. There is another bonus for me. When I'm out walking—down here in the flatland, I love looking up at the properties lit by the morning or evening light.


  1. That's pretty cool, actually. I'd love to live up there for the views, but like you, I think that there are practical considerations like snow, friction (lack of!), and gravity! This triple threat makes winter a bit daunting. I think that you have the right idea!

  2. Paul - That list is pretty convincing and, by the way, the older I get, the more respect that I develop for gravity. In Los Angeles, we loved being out in the foothils, but I'm quite happy being a "flatlander" in this locale.


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