Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Meet Bitchin’ Betty

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Soon after the Shultz's (previous owners of our house in Bear Valley Springs) moved in, they discovered that a hawk had claimed a spot on the roof—a perch on the western edge of the house offering a perfect bird’s eye view of the open field with all its tiny rodents. The hawk’s proprietary nature along with its frequent dive-bombing maneuvers and aggressive warning shrieks made quite an impression, and the Schultz's decided that the hawk needed a name. Bill knew that a group of FA-18 Hornet pilots stationed at El Toro in southern California gave a name to the computerized female voice that alerts pilots to mechanical trouble. They dubbed her Bitchin’ Betty. The name seemed to fit the predator that had claimed the spot on the roof that would have been used for the satellite dish.

Both The Husband and I have experienced the moment when this hunter comes swooping down from out of the clouds—wings spread wide—those piercing eyes glaring at you. It does leaves an impression. We have decided that the name will stick. When we first began making trips to our new home, we didn’t see a great deal of Betty on our roof and wondered if she had found a new home. But, she’s back and she frequently checks her perch to see what the vegetation in our field might offer. I suppose the hunting is somewhat decent or she wouldn’t return, but so far we haven’t seen her dining on anything.


  1. That's pretty cool! I'd like to have a hawk on my house! Then again, maybe not. I like to look at the birds in my bird feeder and when there is a hawk nearby, they certainly shy away from the feeder!

    It is interesting, though, almost every day, during my walks, I see a hawk getting chased by a few smaller birds, sometimes as few as one! I always why the hawk doesn't turn around, defend itself, and continue on. It would seem to be easy; however, I guess they just kill when they are hungry and fight only when absolutely necessary.

  2. Paul, she(?) is quite grand, but I have those mixed feelings too. I certainly don't know anything about hawks, but your explanation sounds quite logical. I know I am going to miss the birds we have at out place here in the San Fernando Valley.

  3. Here's something interesting regarding the subject:


  4. Fascinating. I love learning new things like this. (Isn't the Internet amazing?) Thanks for sharing your research.


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