Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Plenty of Hot Air

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Early on the morning of the Fourth, we sat on our back patio, ate breakfast, and watched the hot air balloons over Cub lake and our property. We were treated to a splendid show of color against wispy clouds streaking the blue sky. Perhaps I am an oddball, but I found the sounds that the balloons emit a bit unnerving. To me, the sound is a little spooky and, while I loved watching the brightly colored baubles float above us, I wasn't a big fan of the sound. I wonder if anyone else has that reaction. The Husband wasn't the least bit affected by it.


  1. Hey, Anita. I remember when I lived in Corinth, TX, which used to be a pretty remote, farming community of sorts. During certain holidays like July 4th, or Memorial Day, etc I would be outside in the morning hearing cows moo in the distance and seeing hot air balloons lift off.

    Sometimes, if the breeze was right, it would carry the balloons over our house. They'd be close enough to wave to the people inside and to shout a hello.

    When they were that close, the roar of the flame when they goosed it was something special. I didn't find it unnerving, though. :-)

  2. I took a hot air balloon ride once. Can't say I found the sound that unnerving, but it sure was a great experience! Very nice image - it screams summer!

  3. So, counting The Husband's vote, that makes it three to one. Pretty much what I suspected—I'm probably just a bit weird. Maybe it reminded me of a sound from a scary movie, who knows. Anyway, I was so enthralled by the visual treats that I didn't concentrate on the sound. I had never been that close to hot air balloons and it was a treat.

  4. If the sound is un-nerving on the ground, you should be up in one of these and not paying attention when the "driver" lights off this next to your ear. It can really startle you, especially if you are looking down and totally engrossed in some photo composition.

  5. What an image! I am not so sure I will ever have that experience. Not being terribly fond of heights is a problem. On the other hand, just the mention of those photo compositions has me thinking. Hmmm. Now, if I do get reckless and sign up next year, I will keep your cautionary tale in mind.


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