Sunday, July 13, 2008

Celebrating Inspiration

On Friday, thanks to David Ziser, I saw the video, "Celebrate What's Right With The World", and I wanted to pass on the inspiration. I hope you will spend the few minutes to view this uplifting piece by National Geographic photographer, DeWitt Jones.

Many times over the past year, I have run across words by other photographers that have deeply influenced me. This is one of those occasions. I confess that once in a while, I question my tastes in photography. I wonder whether I am attracted to images that are too simple and too romantic—you know, not edgy enough, not sophisticated enough. Mind you, I am not just talking about what I am drawn to photograph, but what I admire and what I aspire to—the images by other artists that touch me and make me want to reach far beyond what I am capable of now. From this point forward, when those questions and doubts arise, I will think about DeWitt Jones's philosophy: Celebrate What's Right With The World.


  1. Now that was truly inspirational. I have to remember: When I believe it, then I'll see it! Very powerful. I especially liked the end about the first reunion in 200 years. Touching.

    Thanks for sharing. I have to mark this in my things never to forget!

  2. Paul, I am delighted that you were also touched by this. I know I will watch it several times. Maybe we need to remind one another occasionally. I know I tend to lose my way when I start to feel overwhelmed.

  3. Inspirational? Perhaps. Being the resident cynic, however, I see it as simply the other end of the spectrum from folks like Mark Hobson (The Landscapist). Both are entitled to their view of the world, but the "truth" probably lies somewhere in the middle. Actually, Jones sounds a lot like Craig Tanner (Radiant Vista).

    "If I believe it, then I'll see it"? Come on, guys. That's not only overly simplistic, it's downright dangerous! Especially for a photographer.

    By the way, if you go to Jones' site, you can purchase your very own copy this video for a mere $750(the 22 minute version of the "movie"). Gee, that sounds reasonable.....

  4. Paul M, nice to see you are back and in fighting form. I'll look forward to watching you raise some dust around the web.

    I heartily agree that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Still, if I have two windows in my apartment and the back one offers a view of the dumpster while the one in front allows me to view sunsets, flowers, and a big oak, I am not going to spend much time looking out that back window.

    I have missed you. I am glad you are settled in again. Welcome back. I can't wait to see more of those pictures from your new territory.

  5. Ah yes. Paul is back spewing his version of reality. I'll take mine, thanks! Even though he doesn't believe it, it doesn't make it any less valid.

    I'm with you Anita. I'd prefer my time spent celebrating and looking out of the front window. I like how Craig Tanner thinks. I also believe that the reality that we see is totally a product of our own thoughts. That is, our opinion on life is based upon how we think about it.

  6. Paul, this is a favorite topic of mine, and I think I will address it tomorrow when my eyelids aren't at halfmast.


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