Monday, January 16, 2012

About the Circus

Tomorrow, if I have recovered sufficiently, I will tell you why it has ended up being over a week since my last post. Meanwhile, it appears that all is well again at my new site,

Is it my imagination, or do a number of fellow bloggers seem in a mood to test boundaries in this new year? Perhaps I am just more conscious and noting the changes, experiments, and flaunting of critics. Not that it is new, but that tone feels concentrated at the moment. It could very well just be my present perspective. What do you think?

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  1. The site works today! It's beautiful. I so enjoy your equine art. I hope you have good success with the new site; and I hope you get better soon.

  2. Hi Anita!
    I can't speak for all our fellow bloggers, but it seems to me that if we don't test our boundaries our visual imagination will become stagnant. Software programmers are constantly pushing the bounds of graphics programs and their impetus should serve to motivate us as well. As Specialized once proudly proclaimed in their bicycle catalogs: "Innovate or Die!". We have to move forward.

    I love the desolate look of that road - where's it at?

  3. The new site is fantastic. If I had half your enthusiasm I would make one very much like it for myself. But I have my limitations, so it's not gonna happen very soon. But you've got me thinking (that's generally not a good idea)! Also, judging from this photo (and many others) you live in one of the most beautiful locations I can think of. Well done.

  4. Roberta—Thank you for letting me know that all appears to be well, and I certainly appreciate your thoughts on the equine art and the good wishes. With time for some perspective, I take on the next set of additions and I am grateful for all the feedback.

  5. John—You have summed up the matter perfectly. While I am not big on the idea of arbitrarily ditching everything each time something new pops up over the horizon, we can't thrive if we aren't growing.

    That is a side road off the "back way" route we take to Los Angeles. We haven't yet explored that road, but it is intriguing, isn't it? Seeing as how there are some fairly eccentric characters in that desert region, I am not likely to explore it alone.

  6. Ken—Thank you for the generous compliment. I am delighted you like the new site. Remember that my enthusiasm and energy come and go in maddenly erratic spurts. Slow, sure, and steady don't describe me. Well, "slow" does, but you know what I mean. I am dependable on big stuff, but....

    Hey, keep on thinking. I am great at cheering others on to tackle all sorts of stuff. For you, it would probably be a cake walk. SmugMug really is quite user-friendly and designed to accommodate almost any level of skill. They can't cover the group down below the lowest rung; but, thankfully, they handhold the real dummies, like me, throughout the process. You would put up a smashing site with all your fine work. Let me know if decide to do it with whatever host you might choose. Iwill dig out the pom-poms.

    I do live in a beautiful place and thank you for the reminder. Being away from a large city, I have the good fortune to be constantly reminded of how gorgeous our planet is. It would be difficult, now, to go back.

  7. Wow! What a site. Those images are beautiful, Anita. Very professional and very impressive, indeed! I agree with Ken, if only I had 1/2 of the enthusiasm! :) You've done an impressive job.

  8. Paul—Thanks a million for the strong vote of confidence. Wow. Much appreciated.

    Before you make too much of my level of enthusiasm, you might check its level the last couple of days. I have been a useless slug for most of the days since I finished. I burn the energy in one grand blast at something, and then I am depleted. I suppose we all have to figure out how we work and try to maximize the effectiveness. My middle name is "Erratic".


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