Sunday, January 8, 2012

An Invitation and a Link

Whew! Do my eyes look puffy? Can you tell I haven't been getting much rest? What a few days this has been.

Since I had almost nothing on my plate and for most of the second half of last year I sat around munching bonbons with my feet up, just dozing off now and then. What? No, I think that I thought about doing that one day, but just never got around to it. Anyway, I decided that I really needed a big project to begin the new year with a bang. Right now it feels too much like a schplat, but that may be mostly because my head is throbbing and I am having trouble remembering exactly why this was so critical. More about that in an upcoming post.

What have I gotten into now? Well, last year I got it in my head that I desperately needed a separate website that was current and featured exclusively the prints that I display in these small local shows. A separate website strongly implied the need for a new blog to accompany said site, right? Of course, the smart thing would be to say "Leave well enough alone. Make the sites you have work for you."

You are getting ahead of me. Stop that snickering. You know, by now, exactly what I have been doing. Yes, non-techie-Anita, took on building two new sites. Before you say, "No big deal. Last week, I built one for a friend in a couple of evenings after work. Just used templates." Remember who you are talking to here. I struggle posting on the sites I already have. Building these two cost me heaven only knows how many hours off my life-span, since I am seriously handicapped in all things web-related. Okay, computer-related. But, since when has logic and self-preservation led me to make sensible decisions?

Plunge in I did. Finally, after you couldn't believe how many hours—no, really, it is humiliating to admit how long it took to get to this point of showing these sites to anyone without hanging my head in total shame—I am willing to send out the invitations.

Be kind to a poor beaten up non-computer geek in way over her head. But, please, please pass on information about obvious errors such as links that don't work or take you to weird unexpected destinations. No porn sites I hope. Heck, I don't know. Mostly guys stop in here and you might not care. I trust that Roberta would forgive my ignorance. I hope that no backstage clutter is visible and that both sites are somewhat presentable.

When I have recovered a wee bit, I can begin the second stage of tidying up the premises and adding niceties. Right now, I need to see if there are any bonbons in the house. Brownies would do.


  1. Congratulations on the new site. It certainly looks professionally constructed and I find it very attractive and I really like the flash gallery on the home page. All the hard work paid off.
    I think the idea of a separate site for sales is very sound. It's more professional and effective and I think the benefits will be an increase in sales. Aside from that, it's a beautiful showcase for some outstanding artwork.
    I'd send you some bonbons but I finished off the last one last night.

  2. Ken—Darn, I missed the last of the bonbons. Still, thanks a million for the kind words on the new site. I am letting it steep for a couple of days, so I can get some perspective, before I tackle the tweaking. But, it helps enormously to get your feedback.

    I especially appreciate your thoughts on establishing a separate site. Having kicked this around for months, I am delighted to hear agreement on my final decision. I am trusting that you are right about the tighter focus at the new site paying off.

    That slideshow is a nice feature offered by the host and I appreciate its ease of use. Thanks for your thoughts on it.

  3. That darn Ken, finishing off the bonbons! I'll hold him down while you box his ears. :-)

    Let me tell you your images are really works of art. I do hope this works our for you and sales go beyond your expectations. I also think it's a great idea to have a new website for selling these prints. I have moved in a similar directions by using a website call Fine Art America. I upload images where people can purchase prints at several sizes and on different media.

    I'll take brownies, also!

  4. Monte—You would think he might save a couple in case a friend was desperate.

    Your compliment makes me forget all about my cold. What a way to brighten someone's day! And, I am delighted that you have put your work out there in the market place. I have found it exciting and instructive to add another dimension to my image-making passion. I look forward to checking out your work at Fine Art America to see which selections you have made for that site. So far, the best part of putting my work out there for sale has been the interaction with viewers. It is fascinating to see their reactions and to hear how they begin conversations. All the best on your venture and please keep us all posted.

    Thanks again for your kind words. Brownies in my kitchen by 10. I will even save a couple for Ken.

  5. Love the look of your new site, Anita. Now if I could only figure out why I can't see the photo on this page...

  6. John—Thank you so much for checking the new site and I am pleased that it passes muster with you.

    But, I am flustered that you cannot see the photo—mostly flustered that I don't have a clue why you cannot. Maybe some web genius will check this post and drop a hint. Otherwise, I will have to get out on the web and do some research. To begin with, what browser do you use? Yikes, perhaps the photo isn't visible with a lot of browsers. Thanks for the alert on this problem.

  7. Anita, I think it was a wonderful idea to create a separate website to focus on the work you show and sale. I've only had a few moments to look at the site but the first impression was great. I know it's a huge amount of work as I'm trying to organize my photo gallery and it's proving very difficult.

    Keep at it...I'm impressed!

  8. Earl—I am delighted to hear from you and relieved that your first impresion is a good one. I am especially happy to hear the agreement, so far, with my decision to separate the work I sell from the photos that I post to accompany general blog posts.

    I didn't know if my resistance to doing this was good instincts, or just fear of tackling an intimidating job. I empathize with you on the photo gallery organizing task. It certainly isn't something to do for relaxation.

    Thanks again for giving me your thoughts.

  9. Anita - I can see it now. Great shot! I don't know if you changed anything, but at least whatever was causing the issue seems to have been fixed, or fixed itself...

  10. John—That is a relief. If only I could take credit for its magical appearance. I do appreciate the heads up. It reminded me that I hadn't put a link under the thumbnail on the new blog. That is at the top of my list for tomorrow's web chores.

  11. Congrats on your venture Anita. Looks good from my visit, although I have to say I am not particularly fond of Flash for the slideshow, since it won't show up on many iOS devices. Perhaps migrate your blogspot blog over there? Hint, hint. :-) Blogspot is always hit and miss for me in leaving comments. It doesn't work well at all when I am browsing via my iPad, and hit and miss for me on my Mac because of the captcha not always coming up correctly.

  12. Mark—Thank you for your thorough and helpful comment. Eventually, I may switch over to Wordpress for my blog. Meanwhile, I do have an account at Wordpress, but never really made friends with it. I found customizing it beyond my skill. Blogpress lets me get by without knowing one iota of code. Of course, I pay for that failure to learn code, over and over again. Furthermore, I don't have the option to put my blog on my site where the images are stored.

    News that the slide show does not work comes as a blow. I would not begin to know how to set it up on my own. The host provides that slideshow and because I can see it on my Apple-designed iPad, I was lulled into thinking it must not be done with Flash. I can't see anything else done with Flash on my iPad, but the slide show comes through without a hitch. Here again I am not only too uniformed to fix the problem, I don't even understand the nature of the problem. My host must use some work-around for Flash that causes it to work with some Apple devices and not others. Is that
    what's happening?

    Issues such as these are what caused me to postpone this project for such a long time. I am in
    so far over my head.

    1. Hi Anita, sorry, I guess I jumped the gun a little bit. I assumed because it was Flash, it would not work on iOS devices. But apparently Smugmug has figured out how to display a non-Flash slideshow as an alternative. That is actually pretty smart. It works just fine on my iPad as I see it now. Sorry for the unnecessary worry. It looks great! You have really captured the character of those horses.

  13. Lovely! Your horse images comes out very strong in their expression, I really think that the dark layout you chose balances this, like the black coal is balanced by the glow. The vibrantly red signature also compliments this by telling something about you, that this isn't just another hobby of yours. It's about passion, not technology.

  14. Boo.....I can't view your new site for some reason. I'm taken to Smugmug but get a graphic that says "these aren't the photos you were looking for". Any of the links just lead to Smugmug, not your work. I can see the framinglight smugmug site though.

  15. Roberta—I am sorry about the wild goose chase. I had left a tangled mess at that new site that had to be cleaned up. The cleanup produced chaos and, in the flurry of activity, I forgot to fix this link. Duh. Thank you you for your alert. The link should work now. Meanwhile, I will do some more checking on this blog to make sure I have straightened out the mess.

  16. Ove—Your comment on the signature means a great deal. I almost backed off that idea as just too much, too bold. Now I am happier than ever that I committed. Indeed, passion drove the choices here. Thanks also for your thumbs up on the background color choices and the images shown. I love your way of expressing these thoughts.

  17. Mark—I appreciate your having taken time to return for additional comments. Whew! When it comes to computer related issues, I am easily spooked and I was feeling lost for answers. I have no idea how SmugMug produces these slideshows. I hit the dummy button and, bingo, there it is.

    I also thank you for the kind words on the pictures.

  18. Nice work on the site- it does your pics justice. (BTW, I love the 'cloud of dust' image!)

  19. JP—Thank you for taking time to check out the new venture. I am delighted to hear that it works.

    "Cloud of Dust" is a new favorite of mine—just completed in time for the December art show. I am glad to know you like it as well.


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