Saturday, November 19, 2011

What is the Emergency at UPS?

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When you are expecting prints (or any package, for that matter), this is not a message you want to see at the UPS tracking site: "Emergency conditions beyond UPS' control. / Delivery rescheduled." I had an order of prints that was scheduled to arrive Friday.  The package had left Mojave for delivery early Friday and ordinarily would have been here around 5 or 6 PM. Now, I have no idea when, or if I will see the package. Meantime, the window for framing is slowly creeping shut. No where near urgent, at the moment; but, certainly not comforting.


  1. Every time UPS misses a delivery it's "beyond UPS' control". I have no doubt the package will show up when you least expect it. They are good about updating the tracking status, though, but that's little consolation. It's terrible to be in a time-crunch and have to depend on someone else. Good thing you allowed yourself extra time (to hone your iPad skills).

  2. Anita - I think it's a catch-all phrase for UPS anytime the delivery date's been changed. I got one a couple months ago, exactly the same wording, and the package showed up a day early! Go figure...

    Nice shot!


  3. Ken—So I can look forward to seeing this message more times in the future That is comforting! Although one of the prints is one I really needed Friday, I will be okay as long as I get the package by mid-week. Had I gotten in my full order with the first batch, I would not be in this jam. Oh, well.

    Thanks for commenting. And, yes, indeed too much time playing with photo apps. I will pay the price.

  4. John—It appears that I have shown my relative inexperience with Internet shopping. Before we moved up here to the boondocks, I rarely bought anything online. After all, in a city like Los Angeles, pretty much whatever you need is in a store within reasonable driving distance. Now, my circumstances are different and my needs have changed. Here, I thought this notice was unusual. This is one of the many things I like about blogging buddies. You learn so much.

    Thanks for your comment.

  5. UPS is usually pretty darn good about getting things there on-time, but both Ken and John are correct, that is their 'standard' message. I could mean anything. Perhaps their truck broke down and it was too late to get things onto the next truck and delivered. Who knows?

    A friend of mine, who used to work as a driver for UPS said that sometimes, especially during the holiday delivery crunch, drivers will just quit! So, that puts them in a bind.

  6. Paul—That sheds some more light. I think a number of drivers in California are walking off the job. Now, I have another package hung up about 150 miles south of here. Obviously, this will be a way of way of life for me because there aren't a lot of shopping options in Tehachapi. At least I will not be surprised the next time it happens. Thanks for your input.

  7. I do not have an answer to you question but wow do I like this image.

  8. Monte—I am so pleased that you like this. The hollyhocks are one of the things that survive up here and I do enjoy them immensely. I am glad you "dropped in".

  9. I am getting that now because Hurricane Sandy


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