Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Camera Connection Kit Finally Arrived

(Click on the image for the larger version)

I wish the package had arrived earlier. Too bad I dawdled before ordering. Now, I have to focus on meeting deadlines for our December show.

When the show is done, I also will have time to decide on how I want to use the photography apps I have installed. For now, I jump around from one to the other with no clear plan. I bounce form Filterstorm to Snapseed, likely on then to Photogene and, by the time I am done, I have no clue how I made use of the different tools.

The photo here is an iPad shot processed in that disorganized manner I described. It will be nice to have choices when away from home or unable to sit at the desktop computer. Sure, it will not happen overnight; but, by the time I am good and sick of winter—around late February or mid March—I will be armed and ready to pack fast and travel light.

A new wrinkle to consider. Last night, BlogPress not only failed to publish a prepared post, it ate it. Poof. Somewhere out there in that black hole of lost computer-generated material is today's original post. There is always something new.

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  1. I'm really impressed with the iPad shot. There is quite a lot of detail here. Since I don't have an iPad, I don't don't know what the Camera Connection Kit is for what it's supposed to do, but I have confidence that you'll get the most out of it.
    While on a trip out in cyberspace last night, I thought I saw your lost post floating around and I tried to grab it. But it was pretty fast and I missed it. Sorry. I'll take Emo with me next time, he's faster than I am.

  2. Anita, I've become a big fan of traveling light and found it very doable on our Europe trip this fall. You seem to be making great progress in putting together your own workflow...refinements will come with practice and time.

    I like your results/photo here...a great color pallet.

  3. Ah, apps, they always provide some compromise of other. There's never just one that will do absolutely everything quite right!

  4. Ken—Your comment made me howl with laughter. I will alert you next time I lose something to cyberspace. Maybe you would have a chance with a net, but Emo is probably the best bet.

    I rather like some iPad shots on the web. I have doubts about printing them at any decent size. But, I admit to being surprised at the quality, considering the limitations. Thanks for your kind words about this one.

    I bought the Connection Kit only for Travel—I still have hopes of some RV trips—and for the days when I can't tolerate my desk chair. I can see myself using this setup to put up a few blog posts while on the road.

  5. Earl. Thank you for the thumbs up on this one.

    If I spent much time traveling, I think I would find this setup essential. Your tip about storing files on the iPad makes a great deal of sense to me. The memory cards are just too easily misplaced and a backup brings peace of mind.

    When we get into nasty weather in January and February, I will have plenty of time to work out my favorite way of using all these toys. I appreciate the information you have shared and will be re-reading your posts on this topic.

  6. Colin—Isn't that part of the plan? Wouldn't work out if you could purchase one app and have it all covered! Thanks for visiting.

  7. Anita,

    That's a pretty impressive shot with an iPad - do you know if it's the same as the camera in the iPhone 4? I'll be getting one of those next month and want to know if I should put my Nikon up for sale...


  8. John—Welcome! And, thanks for starting my day with a good laugh. No, I would hang on to the Nikon. I have no idea how the iPad camera compares to the iPhone 4. I think the tablet camera does a very nice job , but is pathetically awkward to hold and shoot. Or, maybe I am just uncoordinated. Now that I have the connection kit, I will use the iPad camera occasionally just for "old time's sake." I look forward to seeing what you do with the iPhone camera. Thanks again for you comment.

  9. Nice work with the iPad. It's a nice arrangement - I think the textured wall adds some charm to the image too.

  10. Roberta—Thank you for the compliment. When I have some free time again, I plan to experiment with this wacky little camera a bit more. It is fun to see what one can do with the photos. I like that wall with this too, thanks.

  11. I haven't edited many photos on my iPad yet. I suppose I tend to play with them more on my phone with the photos I take from my phone. It certainly is a new, unique way of interacting with them by touch, it almost makes you pause and think you are finger painting! :-)

  12. Mark—It really does feel like finger painting. They cram amazing capabilities in these apps for a more than reasonable price. Once the new wears off, I will likely use them only occasionally. But, for now, I am enjoying the new toys.

    Thanks for visiting.

  13. Love it, "black hole of lost computer-generated material." :-)

  14. Monte—Thanks. I have a pile of stuff out there in that black hole. It sounds as if you have made contributions yourself.


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