Monday, June 20, 2011

In The Pink?

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Since I am still not at my best, it seemed an appropriate time to post my impression of the pink peonies that The Husband brought home a couple of weeks ago. Just as the peonies had seen better days when I took this photograph, I have been better. But, what matters is that I have been a great deal worse.

The healing of my hand is coming along nicely. I am typing with all ten fingers now and yesterday I picked up the 40D and snapped a couple of pictures. Since I had the old Canon "nifty fifty" on that backup camera, the gear was light. I couldn't resist giving it a try. I didn't make any pictures that I want to post; but, that was mainly because the freshest flowers in the house have seen better days. Unfortunately, they haven't aged as gracefully as the peonies or the tulips did. The sound of the shutter was music to my ears and fueled my determination to continue the hand exercises. Keep the Advil and Tylenol handy.

Today, I dream of living where peonies bloom for weeks on end. But, I dream about a lot of things and who knows what it may be tomorrow.


  1. Anita, beautiful image of the pink peonies. You're becoming a master at using these textures...I'm thinking they might be a hit at the next art show you display your work at.

    Yaaaaaaah, glad to hear you're back to ten fingers. Before you know it the hand surgery will be but a memory and not something you deal with each day. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Earl - Thank you for the kind words. I keep in mind that the toughest work was done by the creator of the texture. How did you know that I have thinking about putting some textured images out there in the big, bad world to see how they fare?

    Based on my progress so far with my hand, I am full of optimism.

  3. I'm pleased to read that you are on the mend. Peonies - my mother loved hers, but my abiding memory of the deep red blooms was that a day of wind often meant the petals would be lying on the soil! I love these images you are producing.

  4. I would certainly have to agree with Earl on both counts: It is a beautiful picture and you're becoming great with those textures! I'm glad to hear that things are healing and that you are once again listening to shutter music! :)

  5. Colin - With the inevitable, infernal wind we have here, I am afraid that peonies would have a tough life at best. Thank goodness one can dream, right?

    I certainly appreciate the encouragement. I am having so much fun with this exploration that it seems almost too good to be true that the result could please others.

  6. Paul - I love that phrase, "shutter music." Wow, I am going to borrow that. Perfect.

    I appreciate the response to the picture. While I thought this might be a phase that I would burn through in a week's time, I am enjoying the texture technique more all the time.

  7. Peonies are all in bloom here but none as nice as these. Your subtle use of the textures is really nice and the photos take on more of an oil paint look.
    It sounds like the healing is going quickly and each passing day will get better. Even on my best day I don't type with all ten fingers.

  8. Anil - Wow! That is a nice response. Thank you.

  9. Ken - I very much appreciate your mention of "subtle use." I love using the textures but aspire to using them for enhancement, as opposed to having them become the focal point of the image. I have never before been particularly drawn to photographs treated to resemble paintings; yet, here I am loving this technique and the way it adds a painterly quality.

    The healing is going nicely, thank you. I can cover most of the keys well—by using, actually 9 fingers (don't use the left thumb). However, the numbers are a different story. Never got really good at numbers.


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