Friday, June 24, 2011

Every Little Bit Counts

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I hadn't even considered picking up the 50D with the 70-200mm lens since my hand surgery. I have stuck with the lighter 40D and the 50mm, or even the G7. Today, I felt that I could no longer stand the suspense and reached for the heavy equipment. Granted, I could only manage the camera for a very short time before taking breaks, but I managed to snap a few pictures before common sense won the day. 

You may be thinking, "why not use a tripod?" I tought of that for a fleeting second, then remembered how difficult it is to open a water bottle, or brush my teeth, and decided against it. My tripod is not state of the art, and I have given myself a couple of good pinches with it even when I was at my best.

I have begun to venture into creating my own texture layers and this is my first time to post an image using one of mine. There are a couple from Shadowhouse that are favorites and I know I will continue to use them from time to time; but, I can see myself enjoying my own creations, as well. 


  1. Well, this post tells me your are progressing along in your recovery and will be back to physically abusing the husband pretty soon. As for playing with textures, you go right ahead. Have a good weekend!

  2. Your texture and technique are superb. This is a wonderfully colorful and joyful shot. You're making the best of a bad situation and the results are really nice. This could be one for your next show.
    My tripod is over 20 years old and was never great to begin with. But it's in fine shape and it does the job so it's hard to justify a new one. And I never really liked using tripods anyway.

  3. Monte - As long as this is over yesterday, I am fine with it. What? Me, impatient? Never!

    You have a good weekend as well.

  4. Ken - I appreciate your comments on the photo and I am pleased that the joy comes through in this one. The humble little arrangement made me so happy that I wanted to share it.

    A man after my own heart. Since I rarely use my tripod—only when absolutely necessary, there would be no point in investing in a fancy one.

  5. Anita, you know the old saying...“The longest journey starts with a single step.” You've picked up the 50D...yeah! Sounds like a first step to me...the rest is just step after the other. ;-)

    You're absolutely nailing this images with texture.

  6. Earl - I used the G12 a bit yesterday on a walk, but look forward very much to working with a DSLR. Most of the time, I am content to celebrate the tiny steps forward, but I am also making small steps toward more patience.

    Thank you for the kind words about texturing. What a blast I am having.

  7. Similar to Ken, I was thinking what an uplifting photo this was. Very nice job on your own texture creation Anita.

  8. Mark - Thank you for confirming that the photo spreads some cheer. And, thanks for the thumbs up on the texture. If the incredibly generous creator, Jerry Jones, at Shadowhouse Creations ever slows down offering tempting textures, I may get around to creating some more of my own.


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