Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Camera Gear Bug

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Late last Spring, I experienced a serious itch for new camera gear. Do you suppose it had anything to do with Spring. Like an allergy, maybe. New life? Growth? Whatever the rationale, I made one purchase back then that I am still very happy about. For some time, I had been running across rave reviews for the Hoodman Loupe and I was curious; but, frankly, couldn’t believe all the hype. Surely, it couldn’t be that good. Well, it is.

I ordered the Loupe for the scheduled trip to Silent Knight Farms knowing that, thanks to a full schedule, much of my photography would be done during the middle of the day. You know what I'm referring to. The time of day when viewing the LCD is frustrating at best, unless, of course, you find some deep shade close by. Although the price tag was enough to make me think, I placed the order. Having long been aggravated when attempting to check exposure in bright sunlight, I was motivated. Yes, I fully appreciate the function of the histogram—I have been relying on it for years. Still, I wanted a closer look at the images, and I wanted that look while in the heat of action. I wanted to see details that would help me make those on-the-fly adjustments, in real time. A little chimping sometimes saves me from exposure mess-ups. But chimping is pure frustration, if you can't see the darn screen.

When far from home, I am particularly reliant on my LCD since my laptop is four or five years old and doesn’t have a great screen. That top-of-the-line new laptop is also on the dream-on list along with that camera. Meanwhile, if on the road, I need to get by with reviewing images on a so-so monitor that gives me only a rough idea of what they will look like on my desktop monitor at home. If I were super-confident, I wouldn’t agonize. But, I’m not; so, I do. I need a little assurance that I have something to look forward to, when I get home—something that won’t plunge me into a deep funk.

The Hoodman Loupe fulfills that need and now looks like a super bargain to me. Like some others whose reviews I have read, I am wondering, “Why did I wait so long?! What a dummy! ” Thanks to the Loupe, I slept better at night during that trip. Back home, I found that, indeed, my images did look more like what I saw on my LCD than what I saw on my laptop monitor. Now, I am wondering why I waited so long to get the thing.


  1. I just did some research on the HL and it looks like a neat thing to stuff in your camera bag. I have purchase a few loupes for the darkroom and light table and know that you get what you pay for.
    This is a beautiful image, Anita, full of rich detail.

  2. Ken - Thank for you kind words. I never grow tired of photographing horses.

    I have enjoyed the HL. I am always glad to have it with me.

  3. Beautiful photo, Anita. Sounds like a worthier piece of gear to check out!

  4. Mary Ann - Thank you for your thumbs up. I would recommend the HL without reservations.


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