Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Sign that Points to Questions

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Yesterday was one of our Bakersfield-trek days. Faced with errands that can’t be taken care of in Tehachapi, we devoted much of the day to the drive and schlepping store to store. If we could get a Trader Joe’s in Tehachapi, it would cut down considerably on time spent in Bakersfield. But then, I would want to stop with TJ's and that's not fair to the people who want other types of growth. Drat. Oh, well driving to Bakersfield isn't so bad. 

If you aren’t familiar with the Trader Joe's chain, their prices are exceptionally good and they have items that are either unavailable elsewhere or scarce at best. (For example, The Husband is crazy about their store brand frozen tamales. I am, too, but can no longer eat them, unfortunately.) The chain is bit like a poor person’s Whole Foods. The latter offers terrific products, but I have heard them referred to as Whole Paycheck, and let’s just say that we patronize Trader Joe’s instead.

I can’t resist taking a camera with me on these treks in spite of the fact that I don’t usually come home with much. Drive-by photography doesn’t typically produce great yields (especially with an incredibly dirty windshield). Of course, I want to stop about every ten miles. That isn’t practical for many reasons—including a time schedule to keep and most often no place to pull off going down through the mountains.

For yesterday’s trip, I took not only the 40D—because it happened to have the 24-105mm lens attached, but the G7, as well. I ended up using the small camera on the way home. As traffic slowed approaching a traffic light, The husband and I each spotted this sign at the same moment. It provided a nice giggle .


  1. I just hope it's not the same person giving the massages and practicing law--you know times are hard? I am intrigued about "The Anger Lady." :-)

  2. Hmmm. Funny sign. Perhaps The ANGER Lady should go and get a Japanese Massage! ;-) I like that you are on a roll with your posts, Anita!

    My wife visits Trader Joe's quite often, but prefers Whole Paycheck, er Foods. She does, however, try to use TJ when ever possible because Whole Foods is expensive.

  3. Earl - Now that's a scary thought, isn't it? But, keep in mind that, in California, anything is possible. It is intriguing to wonder what exactly "The Anger Lady" does in her office.

  4. Paul - I suppose if you try one and it doesn't work, it's handy to have the alternative just down the hall. I'm making up for those periods when I do my disappearing act.

    I wasn't certain that TJ had stores that far to the east. We buy quite a few things there. Of course, now Whole Foods is not a viable option since they don't have a store anywhere close to us. If we really wanted to visit one, Los Angeles would be our closest possibility.

  5. I didn't giggle but got a good laugh out this image. I'd be concerned the Anger Lady was also the massage therapist and lawyer. Or, maybe the anger lady is the landlord.

  6. Monte - Now that' another scary thought. I hope, for everyone's sake, you haven't hit on the truth.

  7. I got a good giggle out of this one, too. I suspect it is one and the same person who is very good at multi-tasking. Almost makes you want to call the anger lady and see exactly what it is she's angry about. lol.

  8. Mary Ann - Holy cow. All those jobs?! :) That's funny.

    My husband and I kept wishing the anger lady would show up before traffic could speed up. We were itching to get a look.


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