Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blogging for Dummies

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Not only am I not a geek, I am virtually paralyzed by the thought of most software. For example, I have almost none of the bells and whistles on my blog that Blogger offers and I am not even considering ever switching to Wordpress. Now, take this for what it is worth, since I have already admitted that I don’t know what I am talking about; but, my ill-informed impression is that Wordpress is well suited for folks who are adept with software while Blogger is designed not only for those clever enough to maximize it’s capabilities, but for dummies as well. Furthermore, the only version of Blogger is free and that suits my budget perfectly. Is there any wonder, why I went with the latter?

Being a non-geek, shows up front. My blog is in need of updating, but every time I get into the dashboard, I spend far too much time bumbling about and get frustrated that it takes so much time to complete what I know should be a simple task.

In the last few days, I screwed “my courage to the sticking place” and switched from the old "post editor" to the newer "updated editor". By the time I experimented for a couple of days, I was more than a little ticked-off and convinced that I had wasted my time and driven my blood pressure up by at least ten points. It appears that I traded spell-check and new problems for a couple of conveniences that I had been living without up to this point.  Yes, I got a typeface I prefer, namely Helvetica. Still. Worth all the hair pulling? Let’s put it this way, I switched back to the old, unimproved editor after one post—for health reasons. Life is short.

On a slightly saner (at least calmer) note, I have been curious about statistics for my site for at least six months. I know I have a very light traffic, but it would be nice to see the growth. I do think that I have more readers now than I did a year ago, but I have never had the gumption to install any sort of counter. I don’t spend much time thinking about it. Although curiosity is a powerful motivator, I wouldn’t be doing anything different with my posts after reading the statistics. I suppose, then, that it doesn’t matter except that it irritates me to be handcuffed by my lack of education—which is compounded by wimpiness. It's pathetic, isn't it, if you can't easily master Blogger? Hopleless, I would venture to say.

By the way, I have finally returned to fight another day with new "updated editor" and we are getting along better now. And, you can stop laughing at me now, thank you. Sigh. I think I will concentrate on taking more photos and enjoying the digital darkroom. It's wise to acknowledge our limitations and stay in the kiddie sandbox if we truly belong there.

P.S. If you are wondering whether the photo connects with the text, think about it. Bird. Brain. Riiiiiight.
P.P.S. I don't stay in this sort of mood long. There is no payoff. But, sheesh, every so often I just need a good rant. I already feel better.


  1. Your post has me laughing. Thanks. I chose the free version of Wordpress and have been quite pleased. Yes, it required a learning curve, just as my photography. Hope it all works for you and loved your rant!!!

  2. Monte - Thanks for dropping by. Welcome.

    I thought the least I could do is give everyone a laugh at my expense. I'm glad it worked in your case. But, gee whiz, you had to mention "learning curve", didn't you? Ugh. I got a cold chill.

  3. Anita, You wouldn't be one of those people who sit and "talk" to their computer screen, would you? LOL I enjoyed the post!

  4. Earl - Blush. Earl, how did you guess. I'm afraid I have far too much "conversation" with my computer screen. I talk, I beg, I scream and threaten. It's a rocky relationship.

  5. I love your rants! I'm very glad that you don't take yourself to seriously. As Monte said, there is a learning curve for Wordpress, but it isn't so bad. However, I qualify that with the fact that I spend all day, every day on a computer. I don't consider myself a computer geek at all, but I am very experienced. :-)

    Good luck getting used to your new editor! One day I'm sure that I'll stop by and you'll be running Wordpress! I'm pretty sure that anitajesse.wordpress.com is still available. You might just want to try it. It's free. Putter around a bit and get a feel for it. If it's too much, no one need be the wiser!

  6. Paul - Oh, good, because I have got dozens of rants!

    I have long suspected that there is an evil self lurking inside you and this is confirmation. What a truly wicked suggestion. As much as I would dread it normally, it's tempting today. Anything would be better than working on our final deadline for filing 2008 taxes. Extensions are great when you are trying to sell a house and moving, but eventually the piper must be paid, right? I will be strong and resist until I have finished with the IRS.

  7. Great post Anita. I am afraid Paul is right - you will be on Wordpress someday. The behind the scenes of Wordpress just keeps getting easier and slicker all the time. However, in the meantime, hope the new editor works well for you.

  8. Mark - Hmm. Wordpress in my future? Well, maybe if it keeps getting easier and slicker all the time. I will get along even better with the new editor when they get spell check to working again.


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