Monday, October 12, 2009

Allergens 1, Anita 0

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Not long ago, I mentioned that I have virtually no sense of smell and that it gets me in trouble. Unfortunately, I also have nasty allergies. I have also admitted that our social life is pathetically dull. Well, we received an invitation last week and it worked out for our schedule. Since I had been mostly cooped up with bookkeeping programs and taxes, I was eagerly looking forward to an evening out. The best part is that the company was delightful and I had a great time. I passed over a slight alarm that went off in my head and hoped it was imagination. After all, while it was obvious that the home was going through major renovation, that didn’t mean any of the paint was fresh enough to cause me problems and I was having a great time gettting to know people. Besides, I always have hopes (maybe it’s blind stupidity) that I will be able to practice mind over matter and survive if the allergens aren’t strong enough to bring me to my knees immediately.

There was a great deal of getting to know one another and we got a tour of the home, now part way through through its impressive transformation. The view from the living area is splendid and I filed away the road to their house as one to explore, camera in hand. Determined to at least avoid stomach problems, I was careful to consume nothing but water. I didn't want anything to spoil the lovely evening. After about two hours, I could no longer ignore the warning signs and, fortunately for me, the party was breaking up anyway. It turns out we weren’t the only ones who normally turn in early.

Before we had completed the five minute drive home, I knew that my Superwoman cape had once again failed me. I could feel the asthma coming on and the headache building. Whatever the trigger, my throat was tightening, and I knew I was going kick to myself the next day for being stubborn. Who knows whether it was lingering paint fumes, too-new-for-me carpets, some adhesive used? Whatever the culprit was, The Husband didn’t detect any odors that would have alarmed him so it wasn't just my nose that failed.

An antihistamine probably blunted the effects considerably; but I slept badly, got little rest, and woke up feeling as though I had been rolled over by a bulldozer on a personal mission. My only comfort Saturday was the Dodgers completing a sweep of the Cardinals and heading for the NLCS. We take our pleasures where we can find them.


  1. Anita, I hope you're feeling better. I only have spring allergies and can scarcely imagine how much your severe allergic reactions affect you. I hope you keep an emergency antihistamine with you at all times.

    I love the photo. It strikes all the right cords of my fondness for paths and trails and I have to confess I've spent a number of long moments contemplating and mentally trekking to the top. :-)

  2. Earl - I am feeling much better now, thank you. And your advice is so important. I should be certain to have an antihistamine with me to softer the blow when I "meet the enemy".

    Thank you so much for comments on the photo. I share your affection for photos with trails and paths.

  3. I'm glad that you're feeling better, Anita. I know that I joke a lot, but in all seriousness, you might consider an allergen sniffing dog,, though yours may not be severe enough.

  4. Paul - I think you are right that my reactions are no where near serious enough to qualify for an allergen sniffing dog, but I am fascinated with the this revelation. I am going to explore the site, just because I am curious. Allergies can be life-threatening, of course, and I am deeply grateful to have allergies that only damage quality of life.

  5. I saw a show on one of the learning type channels, perhaps TLC or Discovery. One lady had several severe, life-threatening allergies to things like perfumes. Her dog successfully guided her through the day, keeping her away from all such dangers. A trip, for example, anywhere close to a perfume counter could kill her, even if someone were wearing a bit of perfume that she was allergic to. It was fascinating.

  6. Paul - Every time I have one of my episodes I give thanks that my reactions are nothing compared to what people like that go through. Wow. Thank goodness for these trained dogs.


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