Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boundaries and Opportunities

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There are moments when I regret the fencing on our property and even resent its intrusion. Yes, I know that it is a necessity with the horses. Still, I loved the openness that we experienced when we first moved here. The land closest to our house stretched seamlessly into our surrounding acres and then flowed into the open land to the west and south of us. It made me feel somehow as though my space extended all the way to the horizon and that I was a part of and belonged with all Bear Valley Springs.

The pasture fencing changed that. There are patches of land, now, that are clearly delineated for specific uses and our space has been cut up into smaller pieces. The flow of land to the south is interrupted, and the mountains in the distance have been moved a little farther away.

On the other hand, sometimes a fence is a convenient perch, rather than a boundary. And, thanks to those perches, I get close-up views of some of our little neighbors that I would otherwise have missed.

Fences or opportunities? It comes down to how I look at them.


  1. Anita, based strictly on this lovely photo I'm glad the fence was there.

    Very interesting post. I believe it was the Texas author and minister Edwin Cole who said, "Boundaries are to protect life, not to limit pleasures."

  2. Earl - You come up with the most wonderful quotations and thank you for the comment on the photo. I never get enough of watching the hawks. They are ruthless, but beautiful. It's sights like the one here that keep me thinking about those long lenses.

  3. Yes, that was a very good quotation from Earl, as was your post. Fences.... You seem to have the ability to take the good with the bad, even though I can understand what sight you must have had without those fences. Nevertheless, the photo on the hawk suggests that there is nothing really bad with it, just different flavours of good.

  4. Ove - At least I know to keep that in mind as my goal—taking the good with the bad. Too often, I fall short of my goal. Writing about it here helps me keep my goal in front of me. I love that phrase "different flavours of good." That's one to put on the permanent keeper list.

  5. I was wondering if the hawk was thinking the same thing you were--not too keen on fences, but gives him a place to keep on eye on the

  6. Mary Ann - I should have thought of that! This fellow can keep an eye on mice, voles, and people from that nice perch.


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