Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Out of this World

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Would you believe that I just returned from outer space and needed some time to readjust to the earth’s atmosphere? No? Uh, how about I climbed Everest and needed a couple of days to recover? I have been on a top secret assignment with an organization that I cannot identify in a country I cannot name? Shoot. I was a finalist in the state skateboard championships? I took up bull riding and was out on the circuit?

Rats. I wish I had something exciting to report that would explain my absence. The truth is just plain dull. My doctor put me on an additional medication to even out my blood pressure. (I have been lucky. After years of listening to nurses marvel at my blood pressure readings when I went in for check ups, or whatever, the numbers went up. That didn’t happen until quite late in my life, so I can’t complain. What the heck, I just might, yet.) At any rate, the new medication produced some periodic wooziness that resulted in an opportunity to test the relative hardness of the carpet and the tile segueing from office to hallway. All I ended up with was a sprained ankle and a few aches and pains, but it certainly has cramped my style.

How much has it cramped my style? I have been watching television! Believe me, this is a profound change for me. Mostly these hours spent with the tube has reminded me why I don’t ordinarily spend much time in front of it. I think we have 250 channels with our Dish package, and approximately 240 of them are utterly useless. Channel surfing is clearly a male sport and I have never discovered its appeal; therefore, I am stuck with trying to find something that will distract me for a bit of time. But, hey, what are you going to do when you have trouble mustering thoughts that hang together? Reading? Out of the question. Sometimes, you need something to do the thinking for you. And, isn’t that what television is for?

Besides, I suppose watching the flickering light on the box is relatively harmless. The best part was getting to see one of my students in a rerun of NCIS that I happened to catch. Today, my brain seems to be working again—in spite of all those episodes of and House and NCIS. I am fairly certain that I detected the firing up of a neuron or two. It could be a false start, but I am hopeful. At any rate, I am willing to contemplate tackling something more demanding than a two-sentence comment on someone else’s post or comment.


  1. So, what you are really saying is that you were out getting high! :-) I'm glad that you didn't get hurt! I know what you mean about watching the idiot box. We have Dish Network, too, though not as many channels. As for the channel surfing, my wife would agree with you. :-) We have the ability to watch snippets of several different programs at once. ;-) It's quite a talent! Along with burping out a specific tune. LOL!

    Hope that you get better soon and come down off of your high!

  2. Paul - Gee, you make it sound like fun. How did I miss out on that part?
    Thanks for the good wishes. I am building upper body strength, and that's not a bad thing. But I would rather have done that lifting camera gear.

    As for Dish Network, wouldn't it be great if you could pick just 10 to 15 channels that you want and skip all the junk?

    Oh, yes, you have added to the list of specifically male talents. If you want to see a man lose his cool, hide his remote control. Hold it as hostage and you have a formidable weapon. Mind you, I have only ever dabbled in such dastardly deeds for the merest of moments. These are drastic measures and I have never tested the limits of such open warfare. I shudder when I think what it could lead to.

  3. I can sympathize Anita. My days are spent sitting in front of a computer, not enough time to go shooting much and then I waste a few hours in the evening watching TV because the thought of doing anything else on the computer gets disheartening. Ah well. Late winter funk I guess. Best wishes.

  4. Drugs can really make me feel the fragility of life, hope you are back on your feet soon.

    Wouldn't it be cool is we could exert some sort of consumer pressure to get better TV. It is such a powerful presence.

  5. Beau - I'm sure that when your work is at the computer, it makes it much tougher to play at the computer. I am blessed to have time now to be on the computer by choice and grateful.

    I'm beginning to feel that late winter funks are more common than I realized. I hope you will soon see signs of spring.

  6. Bob - I have always disliked taking drugs. (I think I am revealing some more personality problems.) Having to take the medication is slightly irritating to me anyway, and something like this compounds the annoyance.

    Unfortunately, I think we have exerted pressure on the producers of TV. Most TV watchers voted for what they see by continuing to watch the junk. Turning the suckers off would work. But, we just keep coming back for more.


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