Saturday, January 31, 2009

Magnetic Fields

By now, anyone reading this blog knows full well that I am a long way from being a scientist or engineer. Physics isn’t something that I think about a great deal (it would hurt my brain too much), much less write about . Nevertheless, in between design and editing sessions, I have been thinking seriously about the question of magnetic fields as related to deadlines.

Since I can’t find any scientific evidence supporting my theories, I will just have to go with my personal experience. One deadline will attract another. Two or three deadlines will draw a horde more and before you know it all the little devils are piled up, one on top of another—clinging together in a bunch—like a cluster of grapes. Now to my mind that sounds an awful lot like some sort of magnetic properties are at work here. Don’t you agree that some meaningful scientific principle causes deadlines to huddle up like that? Either deadlines can send out messages (you know, like teenagers announcing a party on My Space); they travel in herds because they feel safer (from what predator, I have no earthly idea); or, they are irresistibly drawn together by the their magnetic properties.

At any rate, whatever the cause of this clustering phenomenon, I know this: on top of meeting all those deadlines—you are soon struggling to sort out which deadline date goes with which project, because all the dates are so similar. It’s no wonder that I am looking for answers.

While contemplating this deep scientific (and philosophical) question I began to consider other applications of magnetism and laws of attraction. That led me to even deeper thoughts such as: Why am I attracted to more projects than I can juggle? Why do I attach myself to standards for excellence that no one else is demanding of me? Why can’t I resist chocolate? What?! Wait. How did that one slip in there? Now, that is another topic to explore—not only chocolate, but how that thought just intruded on this scholarly examination.

By now, you can see how I have been distracted this past week. It’s not that I wasn’t thinking about blogging and other photobloggers. But, profound questions of this sort require a great percentage of one’s attention. I did squeeze in a few photo sessions—just to help me think more clearly—and as soon as I have stomped the grapes; no, eaten the chocolate (there it is again); no, no, finished with the cluster of deadlines, I will post some more of the photos that I have been taking.


  1. Why am I attracted to more projects than I can juggle?

    Because like most of us blogging photographers, you’re a Doer, not a Watcher. You’re a Creator, not a Consumer. You like making your vision a reality. (^_^)

    Why do I attach myself to standards for excellence that no one else is demanding of me?

    Because you have the Perfectionist gene (as do I). It’s just a curse we learn to manage. (^_^)

    Why can’t I resist chocolate?

    Because chocolate is fundamental to the well-being of the human organism. The USDA simply has not yet established the Minimum Daily Requirement. They’re a bit slow. I believe a 3 ounce serving of dark chocolate per day is a good baseline. (^_^)

  2. Amy - Oops, you have my number.
    As for your chocolate theory, that first sentence says it all.

  3. Hey! Wait a minute. You can't go changing scientific laws. Can you? I mean, I've always been taught that 'opposites' attract. Now you tell me that 'like' attracts? I'm confused? :-)

    Now, as for that project thing, I think that after we spend a life in goal-oriented endeavors, it's kind of difficult to hang-loose, flow free, and just enjoy the singular image. We seem to need to go somewhere, or perhaps, later, we have more to say. Who knows. I don't.

    As for chocolate. I think that it's a woman thing. I like my snacks salty and hot! Give me Hot Cheetos any day! Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Good! ;-)

  4. Paul - Hey, when scientific laws don't match my experience, someone has to step in and straighten things out, right? There has to be some reason those little demons gang up like that.

    As for point number two...errr, you have a point.

    About the chocolate thing, just another one of the ways women demonstrate their discriminating taste.

  5. I think it is a flip side of procrastination. If there isn't lots to do, there is no pressure to do anything. So stuff accumulates. Then suddenly there is enough to do and it all has to be done at the one time.

  6. Gordon - I agree whole-heartedly with your analysis; but, during the period that I wrote this I was dealing with an additional frustration. It was one of those periods when the completion of one deadline would inevitably trigger a new deadline that seeminly appeared spontaneously to take the place of the completed one. Add that to your accurate assessment of behavior and things got sticky. I take it the scientist in you isn't buying the magnetic field explanation. Oh, well.


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