Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oversize Load

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Between wonderful indulgences such as a detour down a previously unexplored road and what is the equivalent of a day job, I have been somewhat distracted from blogging. It’s true that I am working on some projects of my own; but, alas, the real rub is the graphics department that I mentioned a few days ago. My slave driver boss—that would be The Husband—has one project after another for me. That means that I toil for hours over a hot computer creating material for his hard-won approval. Here I sit for hours on end, chained to my computer, surviving on occasional bowls of hot gruel, with fingers raw. Oh, woe is me.

Are you buying any of that? I didn’t think so. Well, the part about the detour is true (the snapshot above is a down payment) and I actually have been doing a great deal of layout work on flyers, cards, etc. Of course, if I only had a brain, those projects wouldn’t take so long. After all, I’m not doing things that are extremely demanding. I’m just not speedy with that type of work. As for The Husband’s role in this, he is deeply appreciative (I’ll give you three guesses as to who took me on that deliriously delightful detour) and I am getting a great deal of satisfaction from helping him out.

I try to keep up with my reading, but I’m certainly not pulling my share of the load when it comes to adding to the conversation in the blogosphere. Eventually,we will catch up on all these projects we have gotten ourselves into.

You're giving me that look again. You're probably right.


  1. I just don't see how you can take it? The Husband seems so demanding! :-) I'm glad that you are enjoying yourself. Perhaps, if you do a good enough job, you'll get an upgrade from gruel to warm slop! Ummmm! Ummmm! Good!

  2. Paul - I do deserve an upgrade at mealtime, but I'm not crazy about your idea. Maybe I'll stick to the gruel! :-)

    Thank goodness The Husband is a dear about all this. Besides, I have to remember that I help spend the money that comes in.


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