Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow and Ice

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You know the phrase “kid in a candy store”? Well, that just about perfectly describes me during the past week. We had snow three days out of five and it only really began to melt yesterday. As we warmed up to 40 degrees yesterday, the sunshine has begun to have it’s way with the pristine white blanket covering the valley. Before the thaw began, I took hundreds of photographs. I took far more shots than will ever be processed, much less posted or shown anywhere. The joy was in the seeing.

My pleasure in the exploration was compounded by the fact that The Husband is also passionate about seeing. I think I have mentioned that he studied photography “in his youth” and while he lost his passion for the camera, he still has that eye. He drove—partly because he knows that I remain reluctant to drive when the roads are icy, but largely because he wanted to share in the seeing adventure. Having an enthusiastic companion made the adventure even more delicious. We drank in the sights—oohing and aahing aplenty; I squandered millions of pixels; ultimately, we came home each day tipsy from binging on the splendor of snow- covered fields and white peaks reaching toward the sky.


  1. We just had a pretty good snowfall (12 inches) - but I haven't been able to take advantage of it yet. Today wind gusts of 30 mph and windchill well below zero always slows my motivation! :-) Glad you were able to get out.

  2. A lovely picture, Anita. It's nice to have someone to share your passion with you! I'm glad that 'The Husband' enjoys the outing as much as you do, even though he doesn't have a camera with him. It's nice to have a driver, too, so that you can do proper gawking!

  3. Mark - Those conditions would most definitely keep me indoors. All bundled up, I will venture out of the car for moderate periods in 17 degrees with light wind. But, what you are describing might put me under my bed!

  4. Paul - I'm glad you enjoyed the photo.

    And, gawk I do—endlessly. Without a driver, I would have been in a ditch within an hour. The phrase most often heard during those outings were "Stop, stop." and "Could you back up, please? Fortunately, not many folks were out other than kids playing in the snow, hence it was safe to stop and back up.

    The Husband earns his photo-outing nickname, The Sherpa and another common phrase is, "The Sherpa always knows." That comes from me, by the way since he is almost always right when he sees something first, or when I say "Stop" and he knows exactly what I have in mind.


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