Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Christmas Project

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Several days ago, The Husband got this crazy idea that we should make Christmas cards. Since I am normally the one with this very type of crazy idea, it's no wonder that I fell for it. Of course, with my particular mental problems, it has turned into a major project and I have been having a grand time. I am enjoying the process even though I made the undertaking for more complicated than it should have been; I’m still making cards; and, our greetings will now be absurdly late. Oh, well. When the cards finally do arrive, it will be the thought that counts. Right? Please tell me that’s not a lie.

In the meantime, merry, merry Christmas to all. And, of course, best wishes for a most Happy, Hanukkah.


  1. Handmade anything is always the best!! Enjoy the satisfaction of completing something wonderful – and have a peaceful, relaxed, end-of-year, Anita!


  2. Amy - I appreciate the vote of confidence. I am enjoying the process—but, next year I have to start earlier.

    I hope you had a Christmas day filled with love and happiness and may 2009 be your best year ever.


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