Saturday, November 8, 2008

Simple Things

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I wouldn’t mind having a great deal of money to spend on luxuries—mostly the portion I spent on myself would go to camera equipment, but I find great pleasure in simple things. Long ago, The Husband learned that when we took walks together, we often came home with bundles of fascinating twigs, pieces of bark dropped by the trail, berries, grasses, interesting rocks, bouquets of “weeds”, or pine cones.

Did you know that unused file cabinet drawers make excellent storage places for dozens and dozens of pine cones? Yes. It’s the perfect solution when you run out of baskets or space on the mantel. To The Husband’s bewilderment, I probably have one of the finest collections of pine cones on the west coast. You just never know when you will want another and different size pine cone to add to a display.

Our latest collectible item is feathers. With all the beautiful hawks and a number of other birds here, it’s no surprise that we sometimes find a feather near the trail. The Husband, is always the one who spots the prize and, for my tastes, the gift ranks right up there with those pricey roses.

Recently, I mentioned that some days I may be just innocently passing through a room on my way to take care of some honorable chore—you know taking care of business, and bam! Suddenly, I’m reaching for a camera because the light is sweet—or just because I have found such pleasure in one of the simple things in our home, and for no real reason I want to record what I see.

Simple things for simple minds, I suppose.


  1. Well, Ms. Anita, that sure is a purdy collection of feathers ya got there! Right fine, I reckon! Right fine! :-)

    I used to collect rocks, but I don't do it any more. I just found them fascinating glimpses in the the earth's history.

    Funny, as many hawks as I see flying around here, I can recall having seen any feathers. Hmmmmm.

  2. We're innocent, your honor. Honest, we didn't touch that hawk.

  3. I'm startin' ta wonder how you came about those feathers, Ms. Anita! ;-)

  4. Feathers, what feathers? I don't know nothin' about feathers. I sure don't know who posted that picture. Some gol-danged soundrel musta hacked into my site. Cain't trust nobody no more.


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