Friday, November 7, 2008

Big Sky Country

(Click on the thumbnail for the bigger, better version)

I love seeing a great expanse of sky—blue sky, purple sky, pink sky, yellow sky, cloudy sky, rainy sky, starry sky, dark sky, bright sky, even gray sky—any type of sky. The first time I visited New York City—having traveled there from central Texas where the horizons are low, low, low—I felt imprisoned in those canyons of skyscrapers. I couldn’t imagine how humans could survive, much less thrive, when they could see only occasional glimpses of a postage stamp-sized sky.

Now I have discovered photography and when I review any two or three folders of my pictures, I am reminded that I will never outgrow my fondness for big open skies stretching over me. One of the major reasons that I am confident of making a happy transition to life in Bear Valley Springs is the abundance of sky.

I enjoyed learning that when the Bear Valley Springs development was first set up as a vacation retreat in the 1970’s, the first choice for a name was, Big Sky. Unfortunately, before that was made official, Montana was given its nickname and that’s how we came to be Bear Valley Springs. As much as I would love to have a wonderful trophy shot of one of California’s brown bears, I haven’t seen any bears here. And, that’s just dandy with me. But, on a daily basis, I look up at the vast sky stretching from low horizon to low horizon and I drink in the beauty of it.

Undoubtedly, my blog will be regularly punctuated with pictures of big sky.


  1. Very cool sky. I like the shapes in the clouds. Striking.

  2. I had never seen anything quite like that straight line in the sky.

  3. I like "Big Sky", too. I especially like it if there are mountains in the distance, as pictured here. :-) I find beach skies appealing, too, because there are so many interesting clouds that form over the ocean.

    Having lived in Texas for a while, there was plenty of chance to see open skies, as there were no trees in the way ... at all to hide the sky. ;-)

    Looks like you'll have tremendous opportunities in Bear Valley Springs! Keep shootin'

  4. You certainly have a point about the trees—in the Dallas area. I know what you mean about the clouds over the ocean, but I haven't done any photogaphy at the beach, and now it appears that I may never do it. The Pacific isn't days away, but it wouldn't be a pleasant day trip from here—too much time spent in the car. Mountains and rivers call to me in a louder voice and they are much closer now.


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