Monday, November 10, 2008

Morning Walks

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During the summer and autumn mornings, we got out for walks. I often slipped out very early by myself. Unfortunately, it's getting more and more difficult to drag me away from the nice warm house in the wee hours.

The houses up the ridges (such as the one pictured above) got some light snow yesterday. But, I didn't brave the wind and sleet down here to take photos of the scenes. I think I will have plenty more opportunities for shooting snow scenes. Maybe by next winter I will toughen up a bit and get out in the weather more. (Here's a tip: Don't lay any bets on that one.)

Before I return to early morning walks, I have to order a spare battery for the 20D and 40D. I will want to carry one battery in a nice warm pocket, so I can switch out periodically. I just remembered that last winter I bought some of those nifty hand warmers. That will help. (Provided I can find them.) Now, I just need toe warmers and a nose warmer.

Did I mention how cozy warm it is in here when the sun is coming up and there's a layer of frost on the grass? Besides, afternoon walks are lovely.


  1. I'm back in North Carolina again for a couple of weeks. Left Austin yesterday - 80F, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Was a bit chilly by the time I got to Raleigh! Luckily enough this flight didn't go via Chicago - I saw snow during the football.

  2. And, I was still relishing the mental picture of you and Amanda and your night out together. I'm sure you both are glad this stint will last only a couple of weeks.

    Shorts and t-shirts weather—now, that's my idea of a civilized November day. Fortunately for my outlook on life, we have warmed up again today. Maybe serious winter hasn't set in, after all.


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