Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Anxiety Clogs

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Is there any doubt that anxiety clogs up the arteries in the creative system? Recently, I have had something to say each day (not necessarily something that needed to be said, but something I was quite willing to prattle on about). Just a few hours of real world fears, and the system groans to a standstill. Now, the debris will have to make its way through, before ideas flow again.


  1. Well, you said something about not having anything to say! ;-) Silver lining and all that!

    Sometimes, I just have a look back through all of the pictures that I've taken. It's usually a very pleasant journey. Then, suddenly, an idea will present itself. I did just that very thing yesterday and came up with the post about the dog. Did it need to be said? Certainly not. Nothing that I ever write 'needs' to be said, but that doesn't stop me from prattling on, now does it?

  2. Paul - I have high hopes that this current episode will soon be resolved.

    Your method of browsing through photos often works for me, as well. Other days, I just get into my "chatty Cathy" mode and don't need a trigger to set me off. It's a journey full of twists, turns, and constant surprises, isn't it?

  3. Yes, it is quite the journey and, sometimes, life gets in the way. Though I've learned a lot this year, I hope NEVER to have a year like the one that I have had this year. It has NOT been enjoyable, but I keep trying to look for the things that I'm learning. Sigh.

    Good luck and getting through this episode, whatever it is. This too shall pass ... that's what I keep telling myself!

  4. We have been on somewhat parallel journeys—what with years we wouldn't want to repeat. Like you, I work hard to focus on the positive aspects and the beauty surrounding me is certainly one of those Besides, we are both healthy for our age (yikes, it's come to that), and, well the list of positive things is long. But, I sincerely hope that by 2009 we are over this big bump in the road that has consumed much of 2008. You have done an amazing job of remaining productive, helpful, and cheerful in spite of your difficult situation. I have to try and keep up.

  5. Paul - I meant to say that The Husband and I are healthy "for our age". In the future, I must take time to edit my comments. Excuse me while I go remove the egg from my face.

  6. I wondered for a bit what an anxiety clog looked like. Then I went and found a picture of one

  7. Gordon - Hysterical. You certainly put everything in perspective. I love it!


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